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David Llewelyn Wark Griffith, commonly known as D.W. Griffith (1875-1948), American film director

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Griffith, D. W.
Nome de batismo
Griffith, David Llewelyn Wark
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Data de falecimento
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Oldham County, Kentucky, USA
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Hollywood, California, USA
film director
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David Llewelyn Wark Griffith, commonly known as D.W. Griffith (1875-1948), American film director



“Her name is Louise. Save Her.”

This is one of film pioneer D.W. Griffith's most rich and beautiful silent films. Griffith transformed A. D'Ennery’s 19th century play into a mesmerizing and heartfelt epic which never lags, its stars and story holding the viewer’s attention with its beauty and drama. The contrast of excess and poverty which brought about the French Revolution is told through the moving story of a blind orphan girl and the “sister” who sacrifices all to care for her. The casting of real sisters Lillian and Dorothy Gish in the parts of Louise and Henriette proved a fortunate one, both giving a sterling account of their considerable talents.

Lushly photographed by Billy Bitzer, Griffith shows the ornate beauty of aristocratic life, and how much at odds it was with the tremendous poverty in the streets. His genius here, however, was using the giant canvas as a backdrop to the more intimate story of Henriette (Lillian Gish) and her blind sister, Louise (Dorothy Gish). It made for a fast-moving and incredibly entertaining film, rather than some cerebral historical epic which looks great but has difficulty holding your attention.

When the plague takes the lives of both their parents, Henriette vows to care for her blind sister Louise, abandoned on their doorstep as a baby. The two have grown up as sisters and it is that love which carries them through the storm about to engulf France. It is to Paris they travel in hopes of restoring Louise’s sight; a place where Henriette’s beauty does not go unnoticed. A crass aristocrat showing more concern for his horses than the poor young Parisian girl he runs over abducts Henriette, leaving the blind Louise on her own.

There is one aristocrat with a heart, however, and young Chevalier (Joseph Schildkraut) falls deeply in love with Henriette, offering a bethrothal ring. Though she loves the young man, she has promised not to marry without her sister's approval. While Chevalier tries to find Louise, Henriette befriends the voice of the downtrodden, Danton (Monte Blue), only to find herself imprisoned, leaving Louise is at the mercy of street people. Louise is not without her protector either, however, even though it comes in the form of a cowardly street urchin named Pierre (Frank Puglia).

But a shadow hangs over Henriette’s happiness, as there are twists and turns, a coming together and parting, and a possible execution during the Revolution that makes for great silent film excitement. Both Lillian and Dorothy Gish are wonderful here. Each have that dainty beauty which enabled them to play younger than they were in real-life. Those who doubt Lillian’s physical appeal, however, will no longer do so after viewing this romantic historical epic. One scene in particular, as an umbrella clad Henriette braces the rain, offers ample evidence that a beautiful woman lurked just beneath Gish’s child-like beauty.

Creighton Hale and Lucille La Verne lend support, but this film truly belongs to the Gish sisters. This Alpha version is surprisingly good, with a fitting classical score accompanying the action. The film itself is a dazzling spectacle, its mix of sentiment and heroics nearly unequaled in American cinema. A fantastic silent film which is as artistic as it is entertaining. A true American masterpiece.
… (mais)
Matt_Ransom | 1 outra resenha | Nov 21, 2023 |
Silent. Controversial 1915 film
JCPeckMedia | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 9, 2023 |
Nice cast and fast cars, but film sort of peters out near the end with an unfortunate anti-climax. Interesting to see Mitchum's son playing his (much) younger brother. Some of the acting is pretty amateurish, but the leads are very good.
datrappert | Jan 31, 2022 |
The story follows a Polish professor and his family who have become refugees in the aftermath of World War I. They try to survive in Germany during the period of the Great Inflation. Carol Dempster is Inga, a Polish war orphan who struggles to provide for the family that has taken her in, while accumulating a meager dowry from the rubble of depression-stricken Berlin so that she can marry Paul. Returning to his family, weakened by the battlefront’s poisonous gases, Paul invests in his and Inga’s future by tending a secret garden which he hopes will provide the resources for them to live, and which serves as a symbol of optimism for the two young lovers. (fonte: imdb)… (mais)
MemorialeSardoShoah | Dec 5, 2020 |


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