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Martin Harry Greenberg (March 1, 1941 - June 25, 2011) was an American academic and speculative fiction anthologist. In all, he compiled 1,298 anthologies. He founded Tekno Books, a packager of more than 2000 published books; he was also a co-founder of the Sci-Fi Channel. Some of his anthologies mostrar mais included: Past Imperfect (2001), Once Upon a Galaxy (2002) and Sirius: The Dog Star (2004). (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Politika (1997) 1,292 cópias
ruthless.com (1998) — Created by — 986 cópias
After the King (1991) — Editor — 766 cópias
Hotter Than Hell (2008) — Editor — 659 cópias
Catfantastic (1989) — Editor — 558 cópias
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The Further Adventures of Batman (1989) — Editor — 350 cópias
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Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves (1991) — Editor — 297 cópias
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Conhecimento Comum



myth ficiton em Name that Book (Junho 2012)
Martin H. Greenberg (1941–2011) em Science Fiction Fans (Junho 2011)


Ray Bradbury’s first published work appeared in 1941, and this collection of 22 stories was produced to acknowledge his half-century of developing his unique blend of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and coming-of-age nostalgia.

The contributors range from Isaac Asimov, who penned “An Appreciation” as an introduction to the collection, to then-relative newcomers Orson Scott Card and Christopher Beaumont. Many are direct sequels to Bradbury tales, others pick up characters he created, many years after their first appearances, and a couple are good-hearted parodies of themes he visited often. But the real treasures here are those few tales that manage to re-create the magic, putting new flesh on the bones and new images in the mind’s eye.

For this reviewer, "A Lake of Summer" is the standout of the collection. It touches on themes Bradbury often visited – that time in a young boy’s life when the magic of childhood is first sullied by the harsh reality of the world. A reader picking up this story without looking at the byline would willingly swear it came from The Master’s typewriter, yet it’s marked by author Chad Oliver’s own incandescent talent.

Completely different in tone is "Salome", by veteran Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, who re-visits a grown-up member of Uncle Einar’s family, but looks at him with a very different set of eyes. A lighter touch is provided by Norman Corwin’s short and sassy "The Muse", in which a Greek goddess kvetches about the difficult of inspiring a writer who has plenty of ideas of his own.

No Bradbury tribute would be complete without a sample of the slowly-building horror Bradbury was capable of creating. Author R. Paul Wilson ratchets up the gooseflesh in ‘The November Game’ by picking up a nasty character from [The October Country] and dealing out a punishment-fits-the-crime revenge chiller.

Fans of Bradbury and students of late 20th century fantasy/horror/science fiction will want to put this volume firmly on the Keeper shelf.
… (mais)
LyndaInOregon | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 24, 2024 |
Great collection of classic SF from 1942. My favorites were "Proof" by Hal Clement, "Nerves" by Lester del Ray and "Jay Score" by Eric Frank Russell. Some I had read before in other collections. While I have read Asimov's Foundation trilogy, I'm not sure I had read the original short story before. It just struck me as funny how the entire premise for the Foundation, a far future fifty year project to create the first volume of a complete encyclopedia of human knowledge, makes little sense to anyone who grew up with the internet, only 70 years after the story was written.… (mais)
SF_fan_mae | 1 outra resenha | Apr 20, 2024 |



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Harry Turtledove Introduction
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Hapsburg Liebe Contributor
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Ernest C. Amaral Contributor
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Herbert L. McNary Contributor
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David Nowinson Contributor
Allen Beck Contributor
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Lester Dent Contributor
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Norman E. Hartman Contributor
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Jayem Wilcox Illustrator
T. Wyatt Nelson Illustrator
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Christine Matthews Contributor
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C.M. Eddy Contributor
Diana Wynne Jones Contributor
Lee Brown Coye Illustrator
Joseph Eberle Illustrator
Mignon Eberhart Contributor
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Morgan Llywelyn Contributor
C.C. Senf Illustrator
Harry Ferman Illustrator
John Giunta Illustrator
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Michael Slade Introduction
Rufus King Contributor
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Spencer McCrumb Contributor
Laura McCrumb Contributor
Nicole Marie Brush Contributor
Peggy Ranson Illustrator
Richard Powers Cover artist
Del Harris Illustrator
Ilana Kellerman Contributor
Alyson Hornsby Contributor
Jonathan Kellerman Contributor
Christina Wallace Contributor
Joe Meyhew Illustrator
Nathan Collins Contributor
Brian D'Amato Contributor
Patricia Wallace Contributor
Eve Turow Contributor
Michael Reaves Contributor
Jack Finey Contributor
Ben Hecht Contributor
C. S. Forester Contributor
Kinuko Craft Cover artist
Braldt Bralds Cover artist
Martin Andrews Cover artist
Fred Marcellino Cover artist
Julek Heller Cover artist
Keith Parkinson Cover artist
Jan Smit Translator
Tim Hildebrandt Cover artist
Paul Swendsen Cover artist
Cathy Crawford Cover artist
Tim White Cover artist
Carol Heyer Cover artist
M. Postawa Cover designer
Jon Sullivan Cover artist
Bob Warner Cover artist
Simon Vestdijk Translator
Igor Longo Translator
Joe DeVito Cover artist