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Peter J. Gomes (1942–2011)

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Peter J. Gomes is the recipient of thirty-three honorary degrees and an Honorary Fellow of Emmanuel College, the University of Cambridge, England, where the Gomes Lectureship is established in his name

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Lent, Series C (1985) 10 cópias
Pentecost 1, Series C (1980) 5 cópias
The Books of the Pilgrims (1975) 4 cópias
What We Forgot to Tell You (2003) 3 cópias
50 Years Bold 1 exemplar(es)
Lent 1 exemplar(es)

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I did not finish this book -- I did not read all of it because I became somewhat bored. It was written about 20+ years ago and my questions are generally beyond what he is writing. Yes, there are some good ideas but he is maintaining the established church hierarchy with all that entails, and I am uncertain that it is a viable stand to take. After reading Armstrong, Spong, Crossan, Borg, Pagels, Levine, and others, Peter Gomes is somewhat tame.
Elizabeth80 | outras 7 resenhas | Mar 22, 2024 |
"I would not have believed that Peter Gomes, a long-standing hero of mine, could top his The Good Book, but this one does. Of the hundreds of books on Jesus's teachings, [this book] is by far the best. Mincing no words, it drives home how radical Jesus' teachings really are." Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions and The Soul of Christianity
PendleHillLibrary | outras 7 resenhas | Jan 15, 2024 |
Jesus came preaching, but the church wound up preaching Jesus. Why does the church insist upon making Jesus the object of its attention rather than heeding his message? Esteemed Harvard minister Peter J. Gomes believes that excessive focus on the Bible and doctrines about Jesus have led the Christian church astray. "What did Jesus preach?" asks Gomes. To recover the transformative power of the gospel—"the good news"—Gomes says we must go beyond the Bible and rediscover how to live out Jesus' original revolutionary message of hope:

"Dietrich Bonhoeffer once warned against cheap grace, and I warn now against cheap hope. Hope is not merely the optimistic view that somehow everything will turn out all right in the end if everyone just does as we do. Hope is the more rugged, the more muscular view that even if things don't turn out all right and aren't all right, we endure through and beyond the times that disappoint or threaten to destroy us."

This gospel is offensive and always overturns the status quo, Gomes tells us. It's not good news for those who wish not to be disturbed, and today our churches resound with shrill speeches of fear and exclusivity or tepid retellings of a health-and-wealth gospel. With his unique blend of eloquence and insight, Gomes invites us to hear anew the radical nature of Jesus' message of hope and change. Using examples from ancient times as well as from modern pop culture, The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus shows us why the good news is every bit as relevant today as when it was first preached.
… (mais)
jepeters333 | outras 7 resenhas | Aug 9, 2021 |
Harvard's chaplain takes us into the Bible in new ways, and tackles some of the hardest topics that people of faith have struggled with.
StJamesLenoir | outras 7 resenhas | Apr 25, 2020 |



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