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This is somewhere between a 3 and a 4 for me--and I went back and forth on how to rate it. At the beginning I was underwhelmed, but the story grew on me as I listened to it. It's set in the 1960s I believe--at a time when women scientists were few and women in most workplaces dealt with sexual harassment. What I liked: *Elizabeth Zott--a female in chemistry at a time when there were probably few women chemists in the United States *That Elizabeth didn't dumb down her cooking show for the female audience but believed that they could understand complex chemical concepts--and for encouraging women to follow their dreams even if their skill set fell outside what the norms for women at the time were. *SixThirty (the dog). I just fell in love with him from the time he was introduced. What I didn't like: *Much as I do feel Calvin and Elizabeth were soulmates--I didn't like that they never got married (Elizabeth seemed opposed to marriage)--and I didn't like that they were intimate outside of marriage. We don't really know if Elizabeth's pregnancy would have changed their relationship status. *Sexist attitudes: Elizabeth's professor, Elizabeth's boss at Hastings, Mrs. Mudford Etc.… (mais)
JenniferRobb | outras 287 resenhas | May 17, 2024 |
So many people claimed that Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus ranked as an exceptional novel. Yes, the book provides questions and answers concerning females in the workforce, but the abundance of chemistry terms in the book repelled me. The story centers on Elizabeth Zott and her quest to promote her skills in chemistry, but her male co-workers and boss all take credit for Elizabeth accomplishments. Then, a glimmer of hope at the end of the rainbow, as Elizabeth becomes a renown television cooking hostess utilizing her chemistry skills. Supporting characters, such as Harriet Sloane, Six-Thirty, Wakely, and Calvin Evans ease the story in support of quirky Elizabeth. And last, but not least, shines the highly intelligent Madeline, the daughter of Elizabeth. A story filled with hope, but, again, too much chemistry.… (mais)
delphimo | outras 287 resenhas | May 8, 2024 |
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

BIBLIOGRAPHIC DETAILS -PRINT: © April 5, 2022; 978-0385547345; Doubleday; First Edition; 400 pages; Unabridged (Information for Hardback from Amazon)
-DIGITAL: © April 5, 2022; 038554734X; Doubleday; 394 pages; Unabridged (Kindle information from Amazon)
- *Audio: © 5 April 2022 Random House Audio / Books on Tape; 12 hours (approx..); unabridged (Audiobook information from the version on the Libby App.)
-FILM: Available on Apple TV, starring Brie Larson; Lewis Pullman; Stephanie Koenig; Patrick Walker

CHARACTERS: (not comprehensive- spellings could be wrong since I'm hearing the names, not reading them. Brief description from character’s first entry into story.)
Elizabeth Zott – Protagonist – Chemist at Hastings
Calvin Evans – Chemist at Hastings
Madeline (Mad) Zott – Daughter of Elizabeth
Harriet Sloan – Neighbor of Elizabeth
Six-Thirty – Dog that follows Elizabeth home
Fran Frask – Hasting’s employee
Mr. Wakely – Calvan’s pen-pal
Walter Pine – TV Producer
Mr. Wilson – All Saint’s Orphanage donator
Doctor Mason – Obstetrician, rowing mate
Avery Parker – All Saint’s Orphanage Donator
Mr. Denadie (sp?) – Elizabeth and Evan’s Supervisor at Hastings

-SELECTED: This popped up in a Libby advertisement as having been produced for film by Apple TV. I’d seen the book at various used book sales, and decided maybe it would be good, even though neither chemistry nor cooking, nor homemaking themes much interest me.
-ABOUT: A young independent woman, Elizabeth, in the 1950’s and 60’s, when independence was still not welcome as a feminine trait. Her efforts to be a chemist are continually thwarted, to the point where she ends up taking the offer she’s received through connections involving her daughter, to host a cooking show, with an emphasis on chemistry. The producers prefer to emphasize her sex-appeal, so while the offer suggested she could employ her knowledge of chemistry, there were strong objections to her methods, so there’s conflict. But the real story goes much deeper. It involves a unique man, a unique dog, and so much more.
-OVERALL IMPRESSION: Very touching Very engaging = Loved it! Plus, although the author, Bonnie, tells an interviewer, Pandora, at the end that she knew little about chemistry upon starting this book, the story inspires an interest in chemistry.

AUTHOR: Bonnie Garmus. From Amazon:
“Bonnie Jean Garmus (born April 18, 1957 in Riverside, California) is an American author and former copywriter.

Garmus is from Seattle.[1] She has worked as a copywriter and creative director in the US, and has lived in Switzerland and Colombia.[1]

In April 2022, her debut novel, Lessons in Chemistry, was published.[2] The Guardian noted its "polished, funny, thought-provoking story ... it's hard to believe it's a debut".[2] The New York Times commented on its "entertaining subplots and witty dialogue".[3] Olimpia Mamula Steiner, a professor of chemistry, praised the book profusely:

Once you start it will be difficult to put down, as soon as you finish a chapter you immediately want to read the next one, it's almost addictive.[4]

As of January 2022, Lessons in Chemistry had been sold into 35 territories and has a television adaptation in production at Apple TV starring Brie Larson.[5] Éditions Robert Laffont published in May 2022 a French translation under the title La Brillante destinée d'Elizabeth Zott.[6] The book was shortlisted for the 2023 RSL Christopher Bland Prize.[7]

Garmus is married, with two daughters, and lives in London.[1] She enjoys open water swimming and has rowed competitively.[1]”

--Oh look! In Wikipedia, there’s a picture of her with a greyhound dog! Now I like her even more.
… (mais)
TraSea | outras 287 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |



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