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Mystery writer Erle Gardner was born on July 17, 1889 in Malden, Massachusetts. In 1902, he had moved to Oroville, CA. His parents could not afford to send a second son to college, so he worked in a legal office as a clerk reading law. He spent a short time at Valparaiso University in Indiana but mostrar mais had to drop out because of an illegal boxing exhibition. He continued to travel throughout California and read law at several law offices and finally passed the bar in 1911, at the age of 21. He married Natalie Francis Beatrice Talbert on April 9, 1912. In 1916, he formed the Law Firm of Orr and Gardner in Venture, CA. Gardner used many pseudonyms such as Charles Green, Kyle Corning and Grant Holiday. While working as an attorney, he began writing fiction. In 1921, "Nellie's Naughty Nighty" was published in the pulp magazine Breezy Stories. He had a goal of writing 100,000 words a month and would sometimes write two or more stories a day. In 1923, "The Shrieking Skeleton" was sold to the Black Mask Magazine. In the 1930's, Gardner had two manuscripts that were rejected and than "rediscovered" by Thayer Hobson, the president of the William Morrow Publishing Company, and rewritten as courtroom mysteries. During this process, the character Perry Mason was born. In 1933, the first Perry Mason book was written, "The Case of the Velvet Claws." The next one was entitled "The Case of the Sulky Girl" and they were followed by more than eighty additional Mason mysteries. Gardner died on March 11, 1970. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Inclui os nomes: A A.Fair, A. A. FAIR, A. A. Fair, E.St.Gardner, Erle Stanley, Stan Gardner, Erle Gardner, Erle Stanley, Gardner Erle, E. S. Gardner, Erle S Gardner, Gardner Erle S., Earl S. Gardner, S. Erle Gardner, Erle St. Gardner, Carleton Kendrake, E Stanley Gardner, E. Stanley Gardner, Gardner Erl Stenli, Erle Staney Gardner, ERLE STANLEY GARNER, Erle Stanle Gardner, Stanley Erle Garden, Erle Stalne Gardner, Erle Stanley Garder, ERL STANLEY GARDNER, Erie Stanley Garder, Erle Stanly Gardner, Erle Stanley Garnder, Erle Stamley Gardner, RELE STANLEY GARDNER, Earl Stanley Gardner, Gerdner Erle Stanley, Erle Stanley Gardner, Erle Stanley Gaedner, Erle Stanley Stanley, Erle Stnaley Gardner, Erle Stanley Bardner, Earl Stanley Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardnet, Erle Stanley Gardner, Erle Stenlay Gardner, Gardner Stanley Erle, Erle Stanley Gardner, Erle Stenley Gardner, Gardner Erle Stanley, Erle Stanely Gardner, Earl Stanley Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardner, Eric Stanley Gardner, Erel Stanley Gardner, Elie Stanley Gardner, Earl Stanely Gardner, Erle Standley Gardner, Earle Stanley Gardner, Erle Stanleyd Gardner, Erle Stanleyr Gardner, Earl Stanley Gardener, Erle Stanley Gardener, Erle Stanley Gardener, Earle Stanley Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardiner, Erle Gardner; Stanley, Eerle Stanley Gaarnder, A. A. Erle Stanley Fair, EARL S.GARDNER AKA A.A.FAIR, Earle Stanley Gardner Gardner, A A Fair Earl STanley Gardner, Erle Stanley; A A Fair Gardner, Erle Stanley A.A.; Gardner Fair, A.A. (Erle Stanley Gardner Fair, Erle Stanley A.A. & Gardner Fair, A.A. Fair (Erle Stanley Gardner), A. A. Earl Stanley; Fair Gardner, Erle Stanley medarbeider Gardner, A. A. Gardner Earl Stanley; Fair, A. A. Earle Stanley; Fair Gardner, Earle Stanley Gardner (A. A. Fair), Эрл Стенли Гарднер, Earl Stanley Gardner and A.A. Fair, Erle Stanley writing as A. A. Fair, A. A. Erle Stanley as Fair Gardner, Erle Stanley Gardner as A. A. Fair, Erles Stanley Gardner and A.A. Fair, Erle Stanley Gardner alias A.A.Fair, Erle Stanley and Fair Gardner, A.A., Erle Stanley Kriminalroman - Gardner, A.A. Fair (AKA Erle Stanley Gardner), and A. A. Fair Gardner Earle Stanley, A.A.(A.K.A. ERLE STANLEY GARDNER FAIR, Gardner Erle Stanley und A . A . Fair:, A. A. Fair (pseud Erle Stanley Gardner), writing as A. A. Fair Erle Stanley Gardner, pseud. för Erle Stanley Gardner A.A. Fair, Erle Stanley A. A. (pseud. of Gardner Fair, pseud. för Erle Stanley Gardner. A. A. Fair, Erle Stanley; Edited and Introduced By Ellery Quee, Erle Stanley Gardner writing under the Name of A.A, Erle Stanley Gardner & A.A. Fair [Erle Stanley Gar, Erle Stanley; Erle Stanley Gardner (Author) Gardner

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(eng) Also wrote under pseudonyms:

A.A. Fair
Carleton Kendrake
Charles J. Kenny

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The Case of the Velvet Claws (1933) 505 cópias
Top of the Heap (1952) 410 cópias
The Case of the Sulky Girl (1933) 375 cópias
The Case of the Curious Bride (1934) 351 cópias
The Case of the Lucky Legs (1934) 316 cópias
The Case of the Howling Dog (1934) 300 cópias
The Case of the Baited Hook (1940) 280 cópias
The Case of the Lame Canary (1937) 279 cópias
The Case of the Deadly Toy (1959) 271 cópias
The Case of the Rolling Bones (1939) 261 cópias
The Case of the Crooked Candle (1944) 259 cópias
The Case of the Lonely Heiress (1948) 251 cópias
The Case of the Buried Clock (1945) 250 cópias
The Case of the Drowning Duck (1942) 229 cópias
The Case of the Silent Partner (1940) 222 cópias
The Case of the Lazy Lover (1947) 220 cópias
The Case of the Runaway Corpse (1923) 219 cópias
The Case of the Singing Skirt (1959) 216 cópias
The Case of the Gilded Lily (1956) 215 cópias
The Case of the Waylaid Wolf (1960) 215 cópias
The Case of the Angry Mourner (1951) 212 cópias
The Case of the Daring Decoy (1957) 211 cópias
The Case of the Calendar Girl (1958) 210 cópias
The Case of the Lucky Loser (1957) 210 cópias
The Case of the Shapely Shadow (1960) 208 cópias
The Case of the Empty Tin (1941) 208 cópias
The Case of the Blonde Bonanza (1962) 204 cópias
The Case of the Amorous Aunt (1963) 202 cópias
The Case of the Ice-Cold Hands (1962) 202 cópias
The D.A. Calls It Murder (1937) 195 cópias
Turn on the Heat (1940) 195 cópias
The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde (1944) — Autor — 191 cópias
The Case of the Fiery Fingers (1951) 187 cópias
The Case of the Fabulous Fake (1969) 186 cópias
The Case of the Careless Cupid (1968) 184 cópias
The Case of the Fugitive Nurse (1954) 181 cópias
The Bigger They Come (1939) 169 cópias
The Count of 9 (1958) 148 cópias
Owls Don't Blink (1942) 132 cópias
Crows Can't Count (1946) 131 cópias
Gold Comes in Bricks (1940) 127 cópias
The Case of the Musical Cow (1950) 126 cópias
Shills Can't Cash Chips (1961) 124 cópias
Bats Fly at Dusk (1942) 124 cópias
The Knife Slipped (1939) 124 cópias
Fools Die on Friday (1947) 122 cópias
Cats Prowl at Night (1949) 120 cópias
Give 'Em the Ax (1944) 117 cópias
The Case of the Crimson Kiss (1970) 116 cópias
Double or Quits (1941) 111 cópias
The D.A. Draws a Circle (1939) 108 cópias
Beware the Curves (1956) 108 cópias
Spill the Jackpot (1941) 103 cópias
Murder Up My Sleeve (1937) 103 cópias
Bedrooms Have Windows (1949) 101 cópias
Pass the Gravy (1959) 92 cópias
Some Women Won't Wait (1953) 90 cópias
You Can Die Laughing (1957) 89 cópias
Try Anything Once (1962) 88 cópias
The Case of the Turning Tide (1941) 87 cópias
Bachelors Get Lonely (1961) 85 cópias
Some Slips Don't Show (1957) 83 cópias
Cut Thin to Win (1965) 83 cópias
The D.A. Calls a Turn (1944) 83 cópias
The D.A. Holds a Candle (1938) 82 cópias
Up for Grabs (1964) 80 cópias
The D. A. Goes to Trial (1940) 78 cópias
The D.A. Breaks a Seal (1946) 78 cópias
The D.A. Cooks a Goose (1942) 77 cópias
Widows Wear Weeds (1966) 76 cópias
Kept Women Can't Quit (1960) 75 cópias
All Grass Isn't Green (1970) 71 cópias
The D.A. Breaks an Egg (1949) 71 cópias
This Is Murder (1935) 69 cópias
Traps Need Fresh Bait (1967) 66 cópias
The Court of Last Resort (1952) 65 cópias
Fish or Cut Bait (1963) 63 cópias
The D.A. Takes a Chance (1948) 62 cópias
Dead Men's Letters (1990) 32 cópias
Perry Mason (50th Anniversary Edition) (2008) — Writer — 22 cópias
The Casebook of Sidney Zoom (2006) 19 cópias
The Hidden Heart of Baja (1962) 18 cópias
The Desert is Yours (1963) 18 cópias
The Adventures of Paul Pry (1727) 16 cópias
Hovering over Baja (1961) 11 cópias
Six of the Best Short Novels by Masters of Mystery (1989) — Contribuinte — 9 cópias
Host With the Big Hat (1969) 8 cópias
Drifting down the delta (1969) 6 cópias
Gypsy days on the Delta (1967) 6 cópias
The land of shorter shadows (1948) 5 cópias
Hot Cash, Cold Clews (2020) 4 cópias
Le Témoin en colère (1973) 4 cópias
Bird in the Hand (1960) 4 cópias
Early Birds 3 cópias
The Cat Woman 3 cópias
Behind the Mask (2013) 3 cópias
Claws of Crime 2 cópias
La Prudente pin-up (1951) 2 cópias
Eksinud elumehe juhtum (2012) 2 cópias
Den flygtige sygeplejerske (1978) 2 cópias
The Case of the Howling Dog [1934 film] (1934) — Writer — 2 cópias
Farlige forbindelser (1976) 2 cópias
Sombre samedi (1961) 2 cópias
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Feet First 2 cópias
Hett om öronen 2 cópias
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Outros nomes
Fair, A. A.
Kendrake, Carleton
Kenny, Charles J.
Green, Charles M.
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de enterro
Local de nascimento
Malden, Massachusetts, USA
Local de falecimento
Temecula, California, USA
Causa da morte
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Palo Alto, California, USA
Oxnard, California, USA
Ventura, California, USA
Oroville, California, USA
Valparaiso University
professional boxer
short-story writer
The Court of Last Resort
MWA Grand Master (1962)
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Also wrote under pseudonyms:

A.A. Fair
Carleton Kendrake
Charles J. Kenny



Written in 1933, this first novel of the Perry Mason series is a wonderfully fun read/listen.
TraSea | outras 16 resenhas | May 2, 2024 |
The Bigger They Come: A Cool and Lam Mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner

-PRINT: COPYRIGHT: (January 1, 1939) 10/4/2022; ISBN: 9781613163566; PUBLISHER: Penzler Publishers; PAGES: 227; UNABRIDGED (Paperback info from Goodreads)
-*DIGITAL: COPYRIGHT: (1/1/1939) 10/4/2022; ISBN: 9781613163573; PUBLISHER: American Mystery Classics / Simon & Schuster; PAGES: 251; UNABRIDGED
Feature Film or tv: Not found

SERIES: Cool and Lam #1

MAIN CHARACTERS: (list not comprehensive)
Bertha Cool - Owner of detective agency
Donald Lam – hired by Bertha
Alma Hunter – Friend of client of the Cool detective agency
Sandra Birks – Client of the detective agency
Morgan Birks – husband of the client of the detective agency
The Chief – a criminal
Fred – an employee of the Chief’s
Bleatie – Sandra’s brother (sort of)

-SELECTED: It came to my attention that a television show that I enjoyed as a child, Perry Mason, was based on a series of books by Erle Stanley Gardner, and that a precursor series was Lam & Cool, so I wanted to read the first one of that series.
-ABOUT: Donald Lam competes for employment at a detective agency, and although he doesn’t look the part, Bertha Cool appreciates his imagination and hires him on the spot. He is assigned to a missing person case of sorts—to find a spouse for the purpose of serving divorce papers, but there turns out to be much more to the job.
-LIKED: It was clever and entertaining.
-OVERALL: This has the flavor of mysteries from the decade that it was written, 193o’s.

Erle Stanley Gardner
From Wikipedia:
“Erle Stanley Gardner (July 17, 1889 – March 11, 1970) was a prolific American author. A former lawyer, he is best known for the Perry Mason series of legal detective stories, but he wrote numerous other novels and shorter pieces and also a series of nonfiction books, mostly narrations of his travels through Baja California and other regions in Mexico.
The best-selling American author of the 20th century at the time of his death, Gardner also published under numerous pseudonyms, including A. A. Fair, Carl Franklin Ruth, Carleton Kendrake, Charles M. Green, Charles J. Kenny, Edward Leaming, Grant Holiday, Kyle Corning, Les Tillray, Robert Parr, Stephen Caldwell, and once as Perry Mason character Della Street (The Case of the Suspect Sweethearts). Three stories were published as Anonymous (A Fair Trial, Part Music and Part Tears, and You Can't Run Away from Yourself aka The Jazz Baby).”


California; Arizona


Mystery, Fiction, Crime, Detective

Process Serving; Law; Detectives; Divorce; Crime

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From “Chapter One”
“Pushing my way into the office, I stood just inside the door, my hat in my hand.
There were six men ahead of me. The ad had said between the ages of twenty-five and thirty. If appearances were any indication, some of them were optimistic liars. For the most part, we were a seedy-looking outfit.
A straw-haired secretary behind a typewriting desk banged away at a typewriter. She looked up at me. Her face as cold as a clean bedsheet.
‘What do you want?’ She asked.
‘I want to see Mr. Cool.’
‘What about?’
I moved my head in a comprehensive gesture to include the half-dozen men who were looking up at me in casually hostile appraisal. ‘I’m answering the ad.’
‘I thought so. Sit down,’ she said.
‘There seems,’ I observed, ‘to be no chair available.’
‘There will be in a minute. You may stand and wait, or come back.’
‘I’ll stand.’
She turned back to her typewriter. A buzzer sounded. She picked up a telephone, listened a moment, said, ‘Very well,’ and looked expectantly at the door which said ‘B. L. Cool, Private.’ The door opened. A man, who looked as though he was trying to get to the open air in a hurry, streaked through the office. The blonde said, ‘You may go in Mr. Smith.’
A young chap with stooped shoulders and slim waist got to his feet, jerked down his vest, adjusted his tie, pinned a smirk on his face, opened the door to the private office, and went in.
The blonde said to me, ‘What’s your name?’
‘Donald Lam.’
‘L-a-m-b?’ she asked.
‘L-a-m,’ I said.
She jotted it down, and then, with her eyes on me, started making shorthand notes under the name. I could see she was cataloguing my personal appearance.
‘That all?’ I asked when she covered me from head to foot with her eyes and finished making pothooks with her fingers.
‘Yes. Sit down in that chair and wait.’
I sat and waited. Smith didn’t last long. He was out in less than two minutes. The second man made the round trip so fast it looked as though he’d come out on the bounce. The third man lasted ten minutes and came out looking dazed. The door of the outer office opened. Three more applicants came in. The blonde took their names, sized them up, and made notes. After they were seated, she picked up the telephone and said laconically, ‘Four more,’ listened a moment, and hung up.
When the next man came out, the blonde went in. She was in there about five minutes. When she came out, she gave me the nod: ‘You may go in next, Mr. Lam,’ she said.
The men who were ahead of me frowned at her and then at me. They didn’t say anything.
Apparently she didn’t mind their frowns any more than I did.
I opened the door, entered a huge room with several filing cabinets, two comfortable chairs, a table, and a big desk.
I put on my best smile, said, ‘Mr. Cool, I—’ and then stopped, because the person seated behind the desk wasn’t a Mister.
She was somewhere in her sixties, with gray hair, twinkling gray eyes, and a benign, grandmotherly expression on her face. She must have weighed over two-hundred. She said, ‘Sit down, Mr. Lam—no, not in that chair. Come over here where I can look at you. There, that’s better. Now, for Christ’s sake, don’t lie to me.’


8/23/23 – 9/16/23
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TraSea | outras 6 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
Why do I get the sneaking suspicion Gardner wrote this over a quiet weekend, perked up on chai and chocolate biscuits?

Seriously, the 82nd Perry Mason novel (but my first) is murder by numbers. The dialogue is uninventive, the mystery intriguing but ultimately more of an exercise than a narrative, and things plod along smoothly with the clockwork sound of an expert pulp writer. There's nothing really wrong with it, and I like that Gardner is (very lightly) self-parodic in the denouement scene, where an eccentric judge somehow convinces all parties to bypass usual trial procedure and just tell their stories to one another.

Still, I doubt I'd go back to this well very much, even if the "golden era" novels are much more clever in their execution. It just has that feel of a jobbing writer churning out another volume. There's nothing wrong with that (I'm gradually moving into that field myself) but this book fulfills its function, nothing more.
… (mais)
therebelprince | outras 4 resenhas | Apr 21, 2024 |
I hadn't read this Perry Mason mystery in a long time, and had forgotten that his relationship with his secretary Della Street was sometimes an after-hours thing.
These are typical of the series, but not outstanding.
librisissimo | Apr 10, 2024 |



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