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Mem Fox was born on March 5, 1946 in Melbourne, Australia. She attended a drama school in London. She returned to Australia where she was a college professor. She writes children's books including Possum Magic, Night Noises, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Time for Bed, Koala Lou, Wombat Divine, mostrar mais Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, Hello Baby!, A Giraffe in the Bath (co-written with Olivia Rawson), Count Goats!, and The Little Dragon. She has also written several books for adults. She has received numerous awards including the 1990 Dromkeen Medal for distinguished services to children's literature, a 1991 Advance Australia Award for her outstanding contribution to Australian literature, and a medal in the 1993 Australia Day Honours awards for services to the cultural life of Australia. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
Image credit: Mem Fox with her latest book, Let's Count Goats, at the 2010 Baltimore Book Festival. ©2010


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Whoever You Are (1997) 3,666 cópias
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984) 3,526 cópias
Time for Bed (1993) 3,135 cópias
Possum Magic (1983) 2,141 cópias
Koala Lou (1988) 2,088 cópias
Where Is the Green Sheep? (2004) 1,632 cópias
Hattie and the Fox (1986) 1,550 cópias
Tough Boris (1994) 1,212 cópias
The Magic Hat [Book and CD] (2002) 1,108 cópias
Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild! (2003) 1,076 cópias
Shoes from Grandpa (1989) 825 cópias
Night Noises (1992) 737 cópias
Wombat Divine (1995) 689 cópias
Sleepy Bears (1999) 555 cópias
Hello Baby! (1800) 495 cópias
Zoo-Looking (1995) 480 cópias
Feathers and Fools (1989) 330 cópias
Hunwick's Egg (2005) 281 cópias
Sophie (1997) 247 cópias
Boo to a Goose (1996) 238 cópias
Good Night, Sleep Tight (1988) 236 cópias
Guess What? (1988) 217 cópias
A Particular Cow (1789) 214 cópias
Let's count goats (2010) 209 cópias
Tell Me About Your Day Today (2011) 143 cópias
The Goblin and the Empty Chair (2009) 139 cópias
Two Little Monkeys (2012) 138 cópias
A Bedtime Story (1996) 129 cópias
Where the Giant Sleeps (2007) 127 cópias
Ducks Away! (2016) 122 cópias
The Straight Line Wonder (1987) 115 cópias
This and That (2017) 109 cópias
Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! (2013) 106 cópias
I'm Australian too (2017) 72 cópias
Baby Bedtime (2013) 68 cópias
A Giraffe in the Bath (2010) 54 cópias
Cat Dog (2021) 46 cópias
I'm an Immigrant Too! (2018) 46 cópias
The Tiny Star (2019) 38 cópias
Nellie Belle (2015) 37 cópias
Bonnie and Ben Rhyme Again (2018) 32 cópias
Roly Poly (2019) 29 cópias
Early One Morning (2016) 25 cópias
The little dragon (2011) 23 cópias
Cat Called Kite (1985) 20 cópias
With Love, at Christmas (1988) 18 cópias
Possum Magic: Numbers (2012) 10 cópias
Our Dragon (2023) 9 cópias
Just Like That (1987) 8 cópias
Possum Magic: Colours (2016) 7 cópias
Possum Magic: Opposites (2014) 7 cópias
The Possum Magic Cookbook (2015) 6 cópias
Tough Boris 2 cópias
Possum Magic: Actions (2015) 2 cópias
Sail Away 1 exemplar(es)
Time For Bed Bedtime 1 exemplar(es)
Mem Fox Magic (2002) 1 exemplar(es)
Whoever They Are 1 exemplar(es)
Was meinst Du? (1999) 1 exemplar(es)
Bear Play 1 exemplar(es)
Classic Magic: Possum Magic and Other Stories (2015) — Autor; Narrador — 1 exemplar(es)
Papers of Mem Fox 1 exemplar(es)
Terry Denton 1 exemplar(es)
Mem Fox Reads (1992) 1 exemplar(es)
Shoes from gramdpa 1 exemplar(es)

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acceptance (168) animals (953) Australia (394) babies (148) bedtime (447) board book (227) children (337) children's (390) children's literature (166) Christmas (142) colors (167) counting (133) culture (127) differences (160) diversity (402) elderly (196) emotions (140) family (682) fantasy (273) farm (159) feelings (187) fiction (914) friendship (311) grandparents (136) love (193) magic (225) Mem Fox (320) memories (282) memory (212) multicultural (425) picture (130) picture book (1,961) pirates (250) read aloud (125) realistic fiction (340) repetition (337) rhyme (242) rhyming (299) sheep (188) sleep (145)

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Independent Reading Level: Kindergarten-3rd Grade
Awards: N/A
isabelcleveland | outras 219 resenhas | Dec 5, 2023 |
First sentence: So here is our dragon! Our dragon is little. He's almost brand-new! And his favorite thing--how I wish it weren't true--is breathing out fire wherever he goes. It comes from his mouth, and it comes from his nose! He doesn't say sorry. He doesn't know how. So his parents say firmly. "Please listen, right now."

Premise/plot: These two human parents are super-frustrated with their new dragon. (Why did they get a baby dragon if they weren't prepared to deal with a baby dragon????) In particular, they get angry that their dragon, their baby dragon, breathes fire. As they continue to try to teach him manners, how to control himself, etc, they continued to scold and express their disappointment. After the baby dragon is crying, then they decide perhaps a little comfort is not out of place. The end.

My thoughts: I did NOT like this one even slightly. Though if I had to pick something to praise about it, it would be the illustrations. I over-think picture books. It's what I do. I read a picture book and take it way too seriously. I think of dozens of questions that pull apart the book's logic and reason.

In this instance, why are two humans adopting a dragon? Isn't this sending the wrong message about adoption? I'm 99.99% certain that was not the intent. So is the dragon a stand-in for ANY new baby? And if that's the case--which the jacket flap tends to suggest--WHAT on earth is the fire supposed to correlate with???? Fire is literally a hazard--to them, to their house, to everything. And it's something they would have had to known about before bringing it into their home. So obviously they weren't thinking or planning ahead. Fire also seems as natural as breathing to a dragon...so them scolding and reprimanding the dragon until it cries seems not only counterproductive but just plain cruel. It accomplishes nothing useful and is harmful to bonding. Is the fire supposed to represent the messes baby naturally makes? that any and every baby makes? If so, it just seems weird and well, WEIRD.

I didn't like these two as parents.

The rhyming felt HORRIBLE in a forced, un-rhythmic way. Like WHY does it have to be told in rhyme like this????
… (mais)
blbooks | Jul 25, 2023 |



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