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Basically this book blends together the best parts of Doom, The Thing, Aliens, Event Horizon, Dead Space, and Stranger Things (all of which I love so much). Maybe I should knock off points for copying some, but I was just having too much FUN to care! Really though it manages to still stand alone as it’s own exciting entity, full of exhilarating action sequences, grotesque monsters, and great character development.

I love sci-if action/horror in general, but it’s that last point that really stood out to me (although these monsters are freaky!). I really appreciate how much I cared for this cast of characters. They felt fully realized, even the minor ones, and there’s some fantastic banter between them (the kind that can come across as cheesy in movies often, but here it’s done very well).

This book is the definition of a page-turner, and I tore through it in one sitting. Thankfully it’s just book one in a full series called Reality Bleed, and this dynamic duo of authors just released book five! Now excuse me while I stare anxiously into the void until I can read the next book.
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Reading_Vicariously | May 22, 2023 |
Everything I loved about the first book (see previous review) is continued here: grotesque and terrifying aliens, loads of gore and fast-paced action, an intriguing storyline, and - perhaps surprisingly for this type of story - loads of characters I’m actually invested in!

CALL OF THE VOID builds on the first book perfectly, continuing the super engaging story and style while also introducing cool new elements. The fight against the monstrous parasites from another dimension is far from over, but this next chapter in the series is not to be missed!

I was listening to the DOOM video game soundtracks as I read to get in the mood, and they fit the action scenes well. But then I found myself switching over to THE THING soundtrack, needing that slower build of eerie dread. I guess what I’m saying is the authors do an excellent job of alternating between scenes of high velocity action and nail-biting suspense. There are also plenty of moments for much-appreciated character building, helping me care more about those risking their lives on the Mars space station (yes, even the cruelly efficient Braun).
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Reading_Vicariously | May 22, 2023 |
A good tale, but the ending felt rushed.
ennuiprayer | Jan 14, 2022 |
Fun horror with hapless heroes.
TeamRedmon | outras 2 resenhas | Aug 20, 2019 |



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