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Jamie Ford graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1988 and worked as an art director and as a creative director in advertising. He is also an alumnus of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers and the Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp. His books include Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and mostrar mais Sweet and Songs of Willow Frost. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The End Has Come (2015) — Contribuinte — 133 cópias
Stories from Suffragette City (2020) — Contribuinte — 87 cópias
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This is a very touching love story about "star-crossed" sweethearts who meet in a time of war. Specifically, two sixth-graders form a bond over a love of jazz music as well as their "otherness". They are the only Asians in an all-white prep school. They are "scholarshipping" and must work in the cafeteria together. So what makes this an ill-fated love? Keiko is Japanese- American and Henry is Chinese-American. Henry is forbidden by his father to associate with his Japanese neighbors. In addition, this takes place during World War II, directly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Along with the beautiful love story, I enjoyed the influence of art and music in the story. The writing also evokes a strong sense of place- Seattle in the 1940s. I did find some of the events a little far-fetched, but I don't to include any spoilers in my review. 4 out of 5 stars.
… (mais)
Chrissylou62 | outras 465 resenhas | Apr 11, 2024 |
I’ve heard this book’s title over the years but never knew what it was about - I picked it up because as a, “Hmm, I’ve heard this one was good.” I’m so glad I did.

As a huge fan of all things WW2, I am always surprised when there is more out there to learn - the United States’ Japanese internment camps is one of those subjects for me. While I knew of them, I knew nothing about them.

Bitter and Sweet is not necessarily about the camps themselves, but how Keiko, an average 12-year old American born Japanese girl ended up in one, and how her best friend and school mate, an American born Chinese boy named Henry, would not let her go, until he did. But did he?

Beautifully written, the reader will not even realize the nuances of racism and hatred that runs deep and pervasive throughout the book as you feel the childhood crush turn to real love in its truest sense.

The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, written many years ago, could not be more timely in today’s world, where so much is going on regarding culture, race, hatred. Read the book - fall in love with Keiko and Henry’s sweet pubescent journey as they navigate the differences in their cultures, their families, their race. I think you will remember this one for a very long time; I know I will.
… (mais)
LyndaWolters1 | outras 465 resenhas | Apr 3, 2024 |
I'm not a huge fiction person, but this book looked intriguing. And unfortunately, and despite a first few chapters that were compelling, I was only able to get halfway through. I never became particularly interested in any of characters, and especially not Dorothy, who figures prominently in the story (and who repeatedly, annoyingly, calls her daughter Anabel "Babybel"). Chapters bounce back and forth between characters, throughout history, all with various problems. Of course as a reader you're quickly thinking: "These are somehow all going to connect" but then I tired of waiting for it, and I never really liked any of the women enough to keep coming back to their stories.… (mais)
Eliz12 | outras 26 resenhas | Feb 26, 2024 |
I am conflicted. The writing was good, character development was good, it was an interesting story, even if a bit too long. And I did look forward to discussing it (I read it for my book club). Despite all this, I would *not* recommend it to a friend. If I had a time machine, I wouldn't even recommend it to myself. Ugh, what a horrible group of people in a horrible time.

One anecdote that I will comment on: The episode where she haunts her stepfather was exciting and interesting but was entirely out of character for her. I was hoping it was the start of some growth in a new direction but it went nowhere. I found it puzzling that she thought of it and did it and puzzling again that nothing more came of it.… (mais)
donwon | outras 116 resenhas | Jan 22, 2024 |



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