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In “Hold the Line,” now retired police officer Mike Fanone writes about his experiences during the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. After giving the background of his 20 years with MPD, he tells the story of what happened to him and the extensive injuries he received, he essentially narrates the video from his body worn camera. He then goes on to describe his efforts the ensure the riot doesn’t become a political footnote and that the efforts and sacrifices of the involved police officers is remembered. He also describes his alienation from his fellow officers as a result of his media exposure. He notes that his original appearances in front of the media were organized by the department and that he did not go out looking for them. I have no reason to think Fanone wrote anything other than the truth.

While I retired about 13 months prior to the events of January 2021, I worked for MPD for 30 years. I knew Fanone in his younger, more reckless days, but I don’t doubt that he eventually became the veteran police officer he describes. I know many of the officers and officials he discusses in the book and I didn’t find anything he attributed to them to be unbelievable. Many current and former MPD members have been hostile towards Fanone for his conduct during and after January 6, unfortunately I think Fanone is correct when he attributes this animosity to their support for the former president.

Read it and make up your own mind.
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sgtbigg | outras 3 resenhas | Feb 4, 2023 |
It's hard to believe that a situation would arise where a redneck Republican 20-year police veteran would be beaten, tazed and called a traitor (and much worse), by supporters of the former president for simply trying to do his job on January 6th, 2021. Yet that is what happened. Michael Fanone suffered a heart attack and a concussion during the assault and, in addition, was threatened with shooting from his own gun. For this, you would think that the Congress he fought to defend would be appreciated, but the truth is that many members refused to shake his hand, talk with him, or vote for any show of appreciation for what the Capitol Police and MPD officers did to defend them on that date.

You may have heard or read all of this and drawn conclusions about Fanone. Most likely they conform to your world view. If so, that says more about yourself than about this officer. For this reason, it behooves all of us to read this book with an open mind. You may be surprised by what you learn. I know that I was.
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Unkletom | outras 3 resenhas | Dec 26, 2022 |
Reading this book left me sad and angry.

Keeping in mind that Fanone is reporting on himself, he sounds like a really good police officer, the kind we need more of. He believes in the ideals of good policing, and he is also a liberal in the small "l" sense of the word, although he voted for Trump in 2016, much to his later chagrin.. He seems to take people as he finds them - every morning he recites a mantra to the mirror to remind himself to see the humanity in everyone he meets. I try to be that kind of liberal, but I lag far behind him. He is outraged at excessive violence, and the hands off treatment of white people with a good education who get off lightly for running a large meth operation.

He could certainly give lessons on how to deal with people, something that he feels is utterly lacking in the training of new officers. Someone refuses to get in the police car? Fanone points out that trying to force them to get in the car is probably going to result in someone being injured. If he had been in charge of arresting George Floyd, he would have told him, fine, he can sit on the curb in handcuffs for as long as he as he likes. When Fanone's shift is up, another officer will be by. He said that they usually get in the car in 10-15 minutes.

He is rather rough around the edges - he used to burst into his boss's office when he was upset with a profanity-laced tirade. I think that she actually liked him: she would call his partner,Jeff, a deeply religious man who never swore, and ask for a translation. Jeff would put it all into more tactful language.

The sad part is that Fanone has been so sorely let down by people who really owe him. When he and his partner heard about the siege at the Capitol, they ran to aid their brothers officers. Fanone was almost killed: someone was gloating about shooting him with his own gun, but when Fanone yelled that he had kids, some members did put him back at the police line, severely injured. His fellow officers at the Capitol may have been grateful, but most of the officers that he worked with were so devoted to Trump and hostile toward Fanone, that he finally gave up and left the police force. Most of the members of Congress were totally ungrateful to the officers who defended them and simply ignored them. Later, of course, the Republicans would, for the most part, turn against them.

After Fanone got out of the hospital, he became good friend with CNN anchor Don Lemon. Lemon discussed the treatment of the officers at the Capitol with Nancy Pelosi, and she began to issue statements in support of them. I'm sure that it didn't hurt that it was a way of attacking the Republicans. Finally the Joe Biden presided over the award of medals to the police stations of the officers who guarded the Capitol on January 6. Fanone was annoyed that a grateful nation couldn't spend a few thousand dollars to give medals to the actual men who put down the insurrection and allowed Congress to continue functioning.

I found the book extremely interesting, but disheartening as another example of our nation's division into idiot factions. I wish we had more people like Fanone who, regardless of their political leanings, cherish our society and nation, even in its enormous diversity. I recommend it to everyone who isn't utterly locked into their stances. I wish him the best in the future.
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PuddinTame | outras 3 resenhas | Dec 23, 2022 |
Former Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone tells of his life before, during, and after the January 6 insurrection. He tells of his early days of policing as an undercover cop. He then tells of the January 6 insurrection when he and his partner self-deployed to the Capitol to help the other cops being overrun by the rioters. He then tells of the aftermath immediately after January 6 and months later.

I found this interesting. Though I knew a lot about January 6 and some of the aftermath, I learned more about it. Michael Fanone tells his story in writing exactly as he comes across on television. He is uncensored and real. He puts on no airs. What you see is what you get. I liked seeing how he came up through the police force. When he told of being in the insurrection, I felt like I was right beside him. It was chilling. I could feel his strong emotions after as he takes on his union and the MPD for their stance on standing by their officers (or lack thereof.) I also appreciated that he gave solutions as to what needs to be done to improve policing in the United States.

This is a book worth reading. I hope nothing but good comes his way.
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Sheila1957 | outras 3 resenhas | Nov 28, 2022 |


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