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Dragonfly (1999) 198 cópias
A Green and Ancient Light (2016) 180 cópias
The Star Shard (2012) 42 cópias
The Bone Man 2 cópias
The Place of Roots 1 exemplar(es)
The Sacred Woods 1 exemplar(es)
World’s End 1 exemplar(es)


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Taylorville, Illinois, USA
Niigata, Japan
Concordia College
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America



Really, this earns 4.5 stars for its imaginative story, beautifully rendered characters, and emotionally evocative writing. For those who do not like fantasy, do not be put off by the label. If you read (or listen) to the book, I truly believe you will be enriched by it. There is gentle wisdom nestled in its lines, and a wistful-yet-content approach to growing up and growing old.
[Audiobook note: The reader is quite good, but you will definitely want to play this at about 125% speed.]
Treebeard_404 | outras 7 resenhas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Probably no better example of Arkham House in its death throes, Dragonfly starts out well but then jettisons its own Halloween premise to try to tell some other holy message that doesn't work. Somewhere between Bradbury and Gaiman but without the magic and certainly no nod to Halloween fun.

The fact that Arkham House would be forced to accept and publish a book this amateur, or just have the lack of judgement to see how out of line it was with the press's entire legacy, shows how far things had fallen since [a:August Derleth|20598|August Derleth|]'s untimely demise.… (mais)
Gumbywan | outras 8 resenhas | Jun 24, 2022 |
This was lovely, one of those gentle, fable-like stories that feels almost timeless, like a memory or the smaller moments in Narnia. Durbin’s gone out of his way to make the story placeless too, only talking about “the village” and “the mountain” and “Mrs. T——” and that helps to make this story feel … not exactly universal, but like it could have happened almost anywhere, including my own backyard and that Norwegian fjord I saw in a calendar one time. That feeling, of a story almost without roots, is magical in its own right, and a big part of what sucked me in.

(Then there’s the light touch of descriptions, the simple, factual narration, the truth and warmth in the characters that makes me want to meet all them—except the Major—, the surrealness of the garden and its statuary….)

As for the plot itself, I really enjoyed how small the story was, how low the stakes were. Not every story needs to have life or death, end of the world struggles to be captivating, you know? The mysteries in the garden and the danger of hiding R—— are more than enough to keep everything moving and to provide a satisfying ending. The climax felt like locking the last piece into a jigsaw, that perfect moment of understanding and release.

This is, in summary, perfectly balanced in every way, and charming because of it. Other books, you’re reading for the characters or the plot or the issues. This one, you’re reading for the experience. To wildly borrow from one of the cover blurbs, it’s a bit like getting hugged by Neil Gaiman.

Warnings: Not for this one.

… (mais)
NinjaMuse | outras 7 resenhas | Jul 26, 2020 |
Despite the fantasy elements, I found this book extremely boring and stopped reading after about 80 pages. The book nothing more than one long chapter with only infrequent section breaks to break things up. It makes the book hard to read because there is no break. Another thing is the lack any specifics. Its clear that the story takes place in the English countryside during WWII, but nothing has any name. One particular point is the use of M------- instead of peoples names. Coming across these in the text really breaks the immersions. Phrases, like "How are you doing today, M-------" the grandmother clearly has a name so why don't you tell us?

Overall this book is a big disappointment. Fortunately, I got it from the library so it didn't cost me anything.
… (mais)
GigaClon | outras 7 resenhas | Mar 21, 2020 |



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