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A Christmas Carol [1984 TV movie] (1984) — Director — 286 cópias
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One of the lost films of British cinema, now obtainable on DVD only at great expense, this film unfortunately deserves its obscurity. A late entrant in the 1960s history epic stakes, it fails on almost every front, being nothing like the sort of English 'El Cid' it seemed to be intended as.
Locations - filmed in Ireland, which makes a poor substitute for 9th century England, and doesn't even make Ireland look good. Most of the time the outlook is a sort of muddy green.
Script - Alfred is presented as a sort of philosopher king reluctant to go into battle and perpetually at war inside his mind between his human passions and his faith. This leads to many boring interludes.
Performances - David Hemmings makes a very dreary hero, often sulky and introspective. Michael York is a lot more successful as the Danish leader and even Peter Vaughan is more fun as the Mercian king. Prunella Ransome, who never had the career she deserved, did her best with some very poor material as Alfred's wife, whom he treats shamefully. In support there are a lot of actors who became better known later; they were fortunate that association with this film did not terminate their careers.
Credibiity - the Danish army is treated as being more like the Normans were, and in a contradictory way, being initially wild marauders and then a fearsome professional army all clad in identical armour. And in smaller ways too there are unbelievable scenes- at the start of the film a shepherd and his lass are canoodling behind a rock. Ominous music sounds, and springing up they see a couple of hundred Danes, about to attack a village. Do they run like hell? No, they run towards the Danes and attack them with their bare fists. Later, when the king of Mercia brings his daughter to Alfred's elder brother (then king) to treaty negotiations, she is seen wandering by herself early in the morning in the countryside (where naturally Aflfred happens upon her and falls in love). A woman of that class at that time never went anywhere by herself, and certainly not into the countryside, because of the danger she would be in.
Overall, this is a dull, badly written and produced film, and a hugely missed opportunity to make a film worthy of a king whose real life remains little known to the public.
… (mais)
ponsonby | Aug 15, 2022 |
Acting: 5.0; Theme: 5.0; Language: 5.0; Content: 5.0; Overall: 5.0

A bitter old miser (Ebenezer Scrooge; George C. Scott) is haunted by three evil spirits on Christmas Eve. In the process, he learns how unkind and hard-hearted his life has been and receives a second chance to make things right in the lives of those around him. Highly recommend.

***December 25, 2021***
***December 25, 2022***
***December 25, 2023***
jntjesussaves | outras 5 resenhas | Dec 25, 2021 |
In early 1939, before the start of the Second World War, Sir Robert Hunter (O'Toole) takes aim at Adolf Hitler with a hunting rifle, but hesitates to shoot and is spotted and tackled by a Schutzstaffel (SS) guard. Captured and tortured by the Gestapo, he claims that his aiming at Hitler was simply an intellectual exercise, to see if it could be done. Because of his high status in Britain, his captors intend to shoot him and disguise it as a hunting accident, but, because his body displays clear evidence of torture, they decide instead to throw him off of a cliff to disguise the signs.

However, Hunter survives the fall, and, with the aid of a German fisherman and a friendly sailor, makes his way back to England. He soon discovers that German agents are after him, and that the Nazi government has requested his extradition. After killing a pursuer by electrocuting him on the London Underground, Sir Robert, now a fugitive, goes underground in rural England to escape his pursuers. It is revealed through flashbacks that his girlfriend, who played a role in organizing the German Resistance, was executed by the Nazi government.

Hunter's lead pursuer, an English Nazi sympathizer named Major Quive-Smith, successfully tracks him to his lair and traps him within it. Rather than kill Hunter, Quive-Smith offers to spare his life if he signs a false confession stating that he attempted to assassinate Hitler on behalf of British intelligence. Over the course of several days, Hunter constructs a rudimentary crossbow, lures Quive-Smith into looking down his breathing hole, and shoots him in the head, killing him.

Soon afterwards, Britain declares war against Germany, and Hunter, now with his status restored, agrees to see the Admiralty about a secret mission (heavily implied to be a second attempt on Hitler's life). (fonte: Wikipedia)
… (mais)
MemorialeSardoShoah | Nov 7, 2021 |
Excellent adaptation of the classic Christmas story
stbyra | outras 5 resenhas | Aug 23, 2021 |

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