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Ice Planet Barbarians (2015) 1,219 cópias
Barbarian Alien (2015) 689 cópias
Barbarian Lover (2015) 512 cópias
Barbarian Mine (2015) 451 cópias
Barbarian's Prize (2016) 303 cópias
Barbarian's Mate (2016) 264 cópias
Barbarian's Touch (2016) 176 cópias
Fire in His Blood (2017) 136 cópias
Barbarian's Taming (2016) 132 cópias
Ice Planet Holiday (2015) 110 cópias
Barbarian's Heart (2016) 110 cópias
Bound to the Battle God (2019) 100 cópias
Lauren's Barbarian (2017) 94 cópias
Barbarian's Hope (2016) 93 cópias
Barbarian's Redemption (2017) 85 cópias
Barbarian's Lady (2017) 82 cópias
Barbarian's Choice (2016) 82 cópias
Fire in His Kiss (2017) 78 cópias
The King's Spinster Bride (2018) 75 cópias
Barbarian's Rescue (2017) 74 cópias
Barbarian's Tease (2017) 72 cópias
The Corsair's Captive (2017) 69 cópias
Veronica's Dragon (2018) 65 cópias
The Half-Orc's Maiden Bride (2022) 64 cópias
Fire in His Embrace (2017) 63 cópias
Prison Planet Barbarian (2017) 62 cópias
Barbarian's Beloved (2018) 61 cópias
Willa's Beast (2018) 58 cópias
Fire in His Fury (2018) 56 cópias
Angie's Gladiator (2018) 53 cópias
In the Corsair's Bed (2018) 51 cópias
Barbarian's Seduction (2019) 51 cópias
Devi's Distraction (2019) 49 cópias
The Alien's Mail-Order Bride (2017) 48 cópias
Hannah's Hero (2019) 47 cópias
When She's Ready (2019) 47 cópias
Ice Ice Babies (2016) 46 cópias
Enticed by the Corsair (2018) 45 cópias
Fire in His Spirit (2018) 44 cópias
Aftershocks (2016) 44 cópias
Barbarian's Treasure (2020) 44 cópias
Gail's Family (2018) 44 cópias
Having the Barbarian's Baby (2016) 43 cópias
Calm (2016) 42 cópias
Sworn to the Shadow God (2020) 41 cópias
Deceiving the Corsair (2018) 40 cópias
When She Purrs (2020) 40 cópias
Barbarian's Bride (2021) 39 cópias
When She Dances (2020) 39 cópias
Barbarian's Valentine (2019) 39 cópias
Callie's Catastrophe (2019) 37 cópias
Fire in His Veins (2019) 36 cópias
Nadine's Champion (2019) 35 cópias
When She Belongs (2020) 35 cópias
Fire in Her Eyes (2019) 34 cópias
Penny's Protector (2019) 33 cópias
When She's Married (2020) 31 cópias
Raven's Return (2020) 30 cópias
Mari's Mistake (2020) 30 cópias
Pretty Human (2019) 29 cópias
Fire in His Chaos (2020) 28 cópias
Bridget's Bane (2020) 27 cópias
Corsairs: Adiron (2020) 27 cópias
Worse Guy (2021) 25 cópias
Wed to the Wild God (2021) 25 cópias
Fire in Her Dreams (2021) 24 cópias
Sam's Secret (2021) 23 cópias
Beauty in Autumn (2017) 22 cópias
When She's Bold (2021) 22 cópias
When She's Lonely (2022) 21 cópias
Steph's Outcast (2021) 20 cópias
Shift (2016) 19 cópias
Daisy's Decision (2022) 19 cópias
When She's Pregnant (2023) 19 cópias
Corsairs: Straik (2021) 17 cópias
Off Limits (2014) 17 cópias
Corsairs: Kaspar (2021) 15 cópias
Dark Fire (2021) 15 cópias
When She's Merry 15 cópias
Flor's Fiasco 14 cópias
Shift Out of Luck (2015) 14 cópias
When She's Wary 13 cópias
Double Trouble (2014) 13 cópias
Get Your Shift Together (2015) 11 cópias
Shift Just Got Real (2015) 11 cópias
Double Dare You (2016) 10 cópias
Corsairs: Mathiras (2022) 10 cópias
Packing Double (2014) 10 cópias
Servant to the Spidae (2023) 10 cópias
Double or Nothing (2015) 8 cópias
Bound to the Shadow Prince (2024) 8 cópias
Slow Ride (2015) 7 cópias
Double Down (2015) 7 cópias
When She's Shy (2023) 6 cópias

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Holly Root



Synopsis: Maddie is struggling to fit in with the barbarians on Not-Hoth. She decides she wants to learn some skills and asks Hassen to teach her.

My rating:
5 out of 5 stars.

I really liked Maddie's character. I found her extremely relatable, especially as a plus-sized woman. She was struggling so much and I think that a non-resonating woman would really struggle. Also, I very much would be missing pizza and burgers.

Hassen is sympathetic even if he was a jerk in the last book. I was able to forgive him.

Also, a thing happened. A big plot thing that I won't spoil but I was crying sooo hard. That's a huge change. Presumably a necessary one but oh my goodness I was not ready for that level of trauma for our alien friends.

This isn't my favorite of the Ice Planet books but it was a solid read and I had a lovely time. I think most readers who love the series will enjoy this installment.
… (mais)
authorjanebnight | outras 10 resenhas | May 23, 2024 |
I really enjoyed this book, it was super easy to read and had just the right amount of spice without over-doing it. This book was the first "monster romance" I started with over a year ago and I have not looked back since, in fact I have become entrenched. Love me some sexy aliens.
beanskays | outras 53 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |
1st read: October 2020
2nd read: May 2022

I really like Liz and Raahosh's story. Liz is a great character, even if she sometimes take things too far.

There are a few problematic things that happen in this book. Raahosh taking Liz to a cave against her will is pretty villainous, even if he's a sympathetic character once his backstory is known. There is also some confusing no-means-yes that happens at the beginning that seemed iffy.

The thing that I hate about this book is how all of the humans are so afraid of rocking the boat and being themselves for fear of getting kicked out of the Sa-khui tribe. And Vektal separating Liz and Raahosh and considering marrying her off to another dude is disgusting.… (mais)
zeronetwo | outras 25 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |
I didn't like Sworn to the Shadow God as much as the first book in the series, but it was pretty good. I loved the beginning of the book, but just liked the middle and the end. I would read this again, though. Ruby Dixon's version of fantasy/romance is something that I need more of in my life.

The main characters were good and I liked both of them, but I could have liked them more.

Rhagos lacked some depth for most of the story, simply because there wasn't much of his POV. Also, his aspect made him a difficult man to pin down. His feelings for Max were obvious from the beginning though.

Almost the whole book was from Max's POV, and she has some irritating qualities. She has absolutely no common sense, but is still strangely confident in her decision making skills. It made it difficult to empathize with her. Also, she was inconsistent with her anger when it came to Rhagos. Sometimes she was angry at him for things that he couldn't control, but then not angry at all when he did something that deserved some outrage.
… (mais)
zeronetwo | outras 3 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |



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