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Pretty and new. It starts with sprouts, moves on to leafy greens, flowers and then the other typical garden veggies. It devotes some space to simple trendy recipes.
2wonderY | outras 2 resenhas | Dec 19, 2018 |
Most of gardening requires a long view, sowing seeds now for harvest in several months. What if you are impatient and eager to pick your crops? The Speedy Vegetable Garden can help - it covers five different ways to speed up the harvest. Diacono & Leendertz have gathered techniques, suggested recommended varieties, and selected recipes that best show how one can take full advantage of the early life cycle of the garden.

Beginning with soaks and sprouts you learn how to enhance seeds in a matter of hours, without turning on the oven, and are shown detailed techniques for starting sprouts that are ready in mere days. There are many recommendations of what works well in this application and how long they will keep in a refrigerator (or not). The next two sections comprise the growing of microgreens and edible flowers, and here you'll find even more tips, recipes, and suggested varieties (including name changes between the UK and US). These sections include not just the expected lettuces and zucchini blossoms, but also basil and fennel microgreens, chive flowers, lavender, and more. The fourth section is for salad greens; here you find helpful tips on how to harvest lettuces so that the greens will continue to grow and provide 3-4 harvests. The final section is of quick-harvest vegetables, from cherry tomatoes and radishes to potatoes.

This 208 page book belongs on every vegetable gardener's bookshelf, even if they are super patient when it comes to harvest. Why? It's fun to mix traditional gardening up every so often and have something homegrown available year-round. This title is packed with information, helpful tips and inspiration, and would be a great reference when ordering seeds thanks to specifics on which varieties work well for speed. I found it intuitively organized and the photographs and drawings help illustrate techniques and enhance the visual appeal of the text. This would also be a good book for the family looking to interest children in growing food.

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pennyshima | outras 2 resenhas | Dec 28, 2015 |
I was lucky enough to win this book from Hodder & Stoughton via Twitter
This book is a fab book for beginners in fact this afternoon from reading this book we have planted out Swede Radish & Salad i have always a bit of a potter-er in the garden (herbs etc nothing major) but now & i am sure this will be more of a great hobby & i am sure that we will continue using this book as our gardening go to book for many years to come! if you want to grow your own i recommend this book
maximeg | Apr 6, 2015 |
Beautifully illustrated and packed full of fascinating and unusual things to grow and eat. An excellent reference tome, multiplied in value if you manage to try some of the suggestions.
wulf | 1 outra resenha | Mar 3, 2014 |



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