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Mark Z. Danielewski is the author of House of Leaves, The Whalestoe Letters, Only Revolutions, The Fifty Year Sword, and The Familiar. (Bowker Author Biography)
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House of Leaves (2000) 15,441 cópias
Only Revolutions: A Novel (2006) 2,070 cópias
The Fifty Year Sword (2005) 640 cópias
The Whalestoe Letters (2000) — Autor — 480 cópias
The Familiar, Volume 4: Hades (2017) 147 cópias
The Little Blue Kite (2019) 45 cópias
House of Leaves Pilot — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)
Clip 4 1 exemplar(es)


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Danielewski, Mark Z.
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New York, New York, USA
Locais de residência
New York, New York, VS
Los Angeles, Californië, VS
Yale University (English Literature)
University of South Carolina (School of Cinema-Television)
Danielewski, Tad (father)
Poe (sister)
Pequena biografia
Mark Z. Danielewski werd geboren in 1966. Het kaartenhuis is zijn debuut.



House of leaves Mark Z. Danielewski em Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night (Janeiro 2009)
House of Leaves em Someone explain it to me... (Março 2008)


I enjoyed this more than the 'pilot' and the strands of stories simmer along nicely in this volume. I still have reservations about the body of work: mainly whether it will continue to deliver satisfactorily over so many volumes. Listening to the Game of Thrones audiobooks currently, I am drawing parallels between the two works and their 'worlds'. I can't shake the feeling that George R.R Martin's feels more accomplished but what I like about Into the Forest is that it is perhaps how it must/should be for a world set in the modern day; encapsulating much of a modern life that is broad and in some ways unfamiliar. I once again wish to apply the caveat that Mark Z Danielewski is most probably operating on a much higher intellectual plain than I so it will no doubt be amazing. It has inspired me to buy volume 3 anyway so I'm definitely sticking with it and it's nice to read alongside the Facebook group (check them out if you're on it too!). I think also I'd like to hear the author speak more about the work too as I've heard snippets of interesting things that he's said in discussion. All in all an intriguing read that still has me strapped in for the ride 👍🏻… (mais)
Dzaowan | outras 5 resenhas | Feb 15, 2024 |
Hmmm. Like many others, I was carried to 'The Familiar' on the crest of a wave that was 'House of Leaves,' which I thought was excellent and unique.

I guess though, if I'm honest, I questioned my critical analysis of Danielewski's work/style as being too superficial - too seduced by aesthetics (which were by no means unique only unique to my own experience) to really evaluate if he wrote well and whether his skill was that of a writer and storyteller not just in his choice of graphics and typography. These questions lurked when I began The Familiar (and its visually irregular format) but sadly they now hold centre stage having finished volume 1 and with volume 2 sturdily taking up space in my bookcase upstairs.

I made sure to read a broad set of reviews after finishing the book and it is apparent I am not alone in my opinions, not at all. As an art student, I was regularly frustrated by art that alienated the viewer/reader due to being highbrow or ambiguous (ergo pretentious). I think Danielewski evokes similar feelings for me, perhaps even more so due to the fact he uses words - that which are used as a means to communicate.

He does communicate on some levels. There are many story threads which can be followed and less so that cannot but I just don't understand why there are even any in the first place. Perhaps, in the forecasted 27 volume, Tv showesque format, this is a prerequisite for development and scene setting. One reviewer made the astute comparison to this being a pilot, where not everything is right but the foundations are laid. I liked this and in turn it convinced me to cautiously venture forth to the second volume. I will however be keeping an eye out for anymore vacuous prose that bamboozles, graphics that seem more haphazard than well chosen or dodgy phonetical attempts at patois.

The caveat of this review is that Danielewski could be operating on an intellectual frequency significantly higher than my own (to a level Harry Seldonesque even!) and that in fact everything will be brought together in the greatest series ever written and I will realise how much of a huge dumbo I am. Without wanting to demean myself too much, I hope this is true. I will be watching (reading) 👀
… (mais)
Dzaowan | outras 19 resenhas | Feb 15, 2024 |
I think of this less of a novel and more of art. It's not an easy read, but it was a faster read than I expected (this may be in part that some pages only have a few words or a paragraph on them). Still - it's not easy to describe. This is a book that will stay with you, which is both positive and negative (you'll understand once you read it).
SStewart89 | outras 372 resenhas | Feb 11, 2024 |
Finally finished. Hope to get the review done soon.
Zombimomi | outras 372 resenhas | Feb 7, 2024 |


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