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Cross, John R.
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Kross, Dzhon
Cruz, Juan R.
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This book is "...for the person who knows nothing about the world's bestseller --the Bible, and for those who want to know more."
SABC | outras 4 resenhas | Feb 12, 2024 |
It’s been called “the most misunderstood book in history.”Wars have been fought in its name, scandals have been precipitated by it, politics shaped and reshaped at its word. Theologians have both defended and reviled it. Skeptics have done the same. If you are a typical member of the human race, you have often been perplexed by all the “fuss” surrounding the Bible. The question remains, “What does it really say?”Here is a book that explains the greatest of Bible themes clearly and logically. Rather than focusing on one part—and missing the whole—the author chronologically binds together the entire text into one great universal drama, looking at events from the perspective of those who experienced history in the making. The results are sometimes comical, sometimes frightening—but always true to the intent of the text.When you are done reading it, you may find yourself believing “the Book” like you never have before. Or you may decide not to. The author’s objective approach leaves that decision up to you.“Even though I had attended church for over 30 years, the Bible never made sense to me. It was just a bunch of disjointed stories. Now the Bible all fits together in a clear, logical manner.… (mais)
wpcalibrary | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 18, 2024 |
This was a free download for my Kindle. I thought it might be an interesting look - maybe even fictionalised - at the meeting of the risen Jesus with two disciples walking to Emmaus. However that was barely touched upon. Instead, it tried to explain the entire Old Testament, as if this was what Jesus said on this journey - and (in my view) the book did not succeed. The author pushes his own, highly reformed point of view, not giving an overview of how the Bible fits together but a personal theology of which a great deal seems to be based on Genesis.

I'm not the target audience anyway - this is intended for people who don't know how the Bible and its history tie together, but it's much too detailed and rigid for anyone who really is asking that kind of question.

After struggling through about half the book, I decided I was finding it too annoying, and abandoned it.
… (mais)
SueinCyprus | outras 4 resenhas | Aug 27, 2018 |
《陌生客、同路人》一書把《聖經》的內容闡述得清晰細緻。作者高約翰(John Cross)以「以馬忤斯路上的陌生客」為出發點,從創世到耶穌復活,一一陳明,把歷史上最為人所誤解的書籍──《聖經》的中心人耶穌基督,以及最寶貴的福音信息,分毫不差地表達出來。全書內容既豐富精彩,又常保持客觀,讓那些願意知道更多的人,得以明瞭《聖經》。本書既適合初信、慕道朋友閱讀,也是對傳福音極有幫助的參考書籍。… (mais)
OCMCCP | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 19, 2013 |

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