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Powerful stuff, even if the politics are a little too much in your face. Black County Sheriff in a coastal Virginia town has to deal with not just a serial killer, but Confederate sympathisers. He's a believably flawed character, as are many of the folks portrayed here. The setting is well done and the issues are right off the front page, as they say. Trump voters will not like this, so please gift them with it so they will be miserable for a while. Cosby writes very well, and the audiobook is exceptionally well performed.… (mais)
datrappert | outras 37 resenhas | May 16, 2024 |
Here is a dark and gritty crime novel set in a rural county on the banks of the Chesapeake in Virginia. Titus was with the FBI, but had to leave that job. Returning home to care for his father, he becomes sheriff in a county where the law has previously been unequally applied. He's determined to change that, despite resistance from those who feel threatened by change. A school shooting leads to the gruesome discovery of murdered children buried in a field and Titus is in a race to stop the murderer before he kills again, while simultaneously keeping a lid on the simmering tensions and fears in the county that the murders have fueled.

Cosby is an author who does a lot more than just write an entertaining crime thriller. Here, he sheds light on how tradition and habit have imbedded racism into the fabric of a small town's culture and how hard the pushback is to any sort of move towards equality. His portrayal of the people of this small town is clear-eyed and sharp, without ever descending into stereo-type or caricature. Titus is perhaps a little too perfect and too often right, but he's a complex and interesting character. It feels like we may see more of him in future novels and I would be happy to see what he does next. The crimes at the center of this mystery are particularly grim and while the descriptions are not graphic, they were still hard to read. I read Cosby's first novel and it's clear he becomes better with every book he writes and that he still has a great deal to say.
… (mais)
RidgewayGirl | outras 37 resenhas | May 8, 2024 |
Well plotted and narrated with some colorful phrases like "panting like they had just finished a puma-assisted mile.
drthubbie | outras 37 resenhas | May 1, 2024 |
“But time was a river made of quicksilver. It slipped through his grasp, even as it enveloped him. Twenty became forty. Winter became spring, and before he knew it he was an old man burying his son, and wondering where in the hell that river had taken him” (16).

While I’m not a big TV or film consumer, this book would make a really great series or movie, one I’d definitely watch while gripping tightly to the edge of my seat. It’s both action-packed, like any good crime-thriller, and reflectively introspective, allowing for dynamic growth. I could picture it all—the deeply flawed characters stuck in the mire of grief, the tempestuous relationships rooted in narrow-minded understandings, the Southern Virginia setting simmering, a perfectly volatile backdrop for this story about fathers and sons, revenge and redemption.

Ike and Buddy Lee, two fathers bonded by tragedy, come together as unexpected alliances in this vigilante quest for justice after the brutal murder of their sons, Isaiah and Derek, who were happily married dads despite the complicated relationships with their own ex-con fathers. While on this bloody path for retribution—which, be warned, is full of graphic violence and heartbreaking regrets—Ike and Buddy Lee are both forced to come to terms with their own biases and prejudices as they learn more about their estranged sons and reflect on who they were as fathers. And at the heart of it all, after all the mistakes and damage and perpetrated violence, they seek to answer the question: is it ever too late for redemption?
… (mais)
lizallenknapp | outras 75 resenhas | Apr 20, 2024 |



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