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On a Red Horse (2015) 20 cópias
On a White Horse (2016) 13 cópias
Vow to Protect (2022) 11 cópias
On a Black Horse (2016) 9 cópias
Promise to Keep (2021) 7 cópias
Bound to Darkness (2022) 6 cópias
Holidays Ever After (20-in-1) (2017) — Contribuinte — 5 cópias
One Shade of Gray (2017) 4 cópias
Deranged (Twisted Myth #1) (2020) 3 cópias
Professional Liar (2018) 3 cópias
Kiss the Bride 3 cópias
Empires of Shadow and Ash (2018) — Autor — 2 cópias
Midnight Magic (2017) 2 cópias
Accidental Kisses (6-in-1) (2017) 2 cópias
Mile High Menage (2012) 2 cópias
Bound to Cruelty (2022) 2 cópias
Five Steamy Short Stories (2016) 2 cópias
Kiss and Tell (2015) 2 cópias
The Midnight Masquerade 1 exemplar(es)
My Two Lovers 1 exemplar(es)
Lady Knight 1 exemplar(es)
Mistress in Training 1 exemplar(es)
Life, Love, Geekery 1 exemplar(es)
Hollywood King (Twisted Classics) (2019) 1 exemplar(es)
Seduction in a Suit 1 exemplar(es)
The Ultimate Temptation 1 exemplar(es)
In My Blood 1 exemplar(es)
On a Night's Edge 1 exemplar(es)

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Dark Humanity (2017) — Contribuinte — 22 cópias
Not Just Voodoo (Anthology 14-in-1) (2017) — Autor — 13 cópias
Heroines & Hellions (2018) — Contribuinte — 11 cópias


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Who’s the real monster of this story? This book was dark, twisted, amazing, and exciting to read. Adrian may be called a monster but the real monsters are those lurking in plain sight hurting those they claim to love. Val has endured a lifetime of pain, hatred, and horrible things by her fiancé and father but now she is determined to get the monster to fight her monsters. Adrian can be ruthless but once he had his sights set on Val there was no wavering for him, she was his instantly and now he is to prove it not only to her but others. This read has some tiggers and dark mafia tendencies but takes us on this cray amazing journey that leaves us with the question what will happen next? Yes it ends on a cliffhanger but is so worth the read.… (mais)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |
We met Kai this fierce protector and loyal friend in the previous books, but now we get his story. I would read the first two prior to this one because it does have a lot of the characters in the previous books and touch on things that happened before. Kai has been the most loyal friend/family to Adrian for a long time and when he was responsible for keeping Val safe he took that job extremely serious even went as far as saving her cousin and protecting her with his all. This is how he met Rose and when she was so fragile and healing he was the one who helped her through the darkness. Now they are both wanted and on the run from the council, while trying to survive not only them but their growing attraction for each other. Rose has endured horrific things and she is trying to find herself again but when she lashes out at Kai she realizes she needs him because he brings her out of her shell she has created. As they navigate this survival situation others are out for them but can they survive each other? This was such a steamy great story full of emotion and action. I’m curious to what will happen next because right now not a fan of Serena unless she betrayed her brother for a certain reason.… (mais)
readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |
Okay folks first full disclosure, I'm friendly with the author. We talk non-book stuff and in the past hung out at various events. She's awesome and before being an author was a book blogger I admired. This in no way influenced my rating.

Previous to this book I've had 2ish brushes with the Four Horsemen. In Highlander, with my one time all consuming crush Methos, Charmed where Apocalypse = Capitalism (no seriously it did) and in a Vertigo comic series I remember vaguely only because it had nudity and I read it at like 13. I barely have religious understanding of them.

Corwin's take humanizes (ahahaha you have no idea how funny that is considering the main character's intro) them while running them through the cosmic ringer. Fate, life, love...at the end of the day (end of times?) none of that matters if you refuse to speak up and do what needs to be done. Watch as they learn the hard way!

longer review later
… (mais)
lexilewords | Dec 28, 2023 |
An interesting variation of the Arthurian legend - Arthur gets pulled into the 21st century and lands in a bookshop. I enjoyed the book
JevKim | Apr 22, 2022 |

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