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Cole, Tillie
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Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England, UK



A Wish for us by Tillie Cole

Heartwrenchingly beautiful

Cromwell Dean once was a prodigy of classical music. He can play anything just by listening to it. He composed amazing things.
But something happened to change that and he no longer plays instruments. He has fans who listen to his edm music now.

Bonnie Farraday heard Cromwell play once. Her teacher played a video. She was moved by his performance.
She goes to listen to him now and decides his music has no soul.

They meet again in class where his professor invited him to attend classes.
They are put together as partners for a project.

They don't like each other but they can't deny the spark between them.

This is where I can only say things come out that I can't divulge but they surprised me.

I found it interesting that Cromwell sees colors when he hears music. I found out a little about synesthesia.

I liked the fact that Bonnie was a twin and that he was best friends with Cromwell.

As the semester continues things get interesting.

And intense.

And.............here is where I can only say I read this in one sitting, cried my eyes out and loved it.

If you liked A thousand Boy Kisses you will like this book.

I can say at the back of the book there is a playlist the author shared, I saw it AFTER I finished the book, or I would have listened while reading.

Go out and get this book if you like emotional powerful reads that suck you in and bring out many emotions.

the book shows different aspects of love, from family, friendship and a bit of romance.

Highly recommended
… (mais)
booksnmusic | 1 outra resenha | Mar 12, 2024 |
Liked the killing scenes, the rest not so much. Too much toxicity and weird power play and always the doubt if there really was consent just because of the state of mind Ellis was in during the whole book.

Also another thing that rubbed me the wrong way, if we go by the amount of blood they were licking from each other, each of the would have hurled more than once ... I know, I know don't put too much logic into romance novels but still, this bugged me.

Two and half is actually too little, 2 3/4 would be more apt.… (mais)
Black-Lilly | outras 5 resenhas | Feb 29, 2024 |
This book started out strong but kind of began to drag about 40% in. I wanted more character growth from the hero - his perspective seemed frozen in adolescence.
s_carr | outras 5 resenhas | Feb 25, 2024 |
To sum it up: this book was written in a writing style made for 12 year old girls, with a depressing plot made for miserable adult readers. The main problem about this book? It was all just a huge foreshadow to a sad end. The cliches were awful, so damn REPETITIVE, and the dialogues were so staged and stereotypical I could FEEL the awkwardness (insert solo sneakers-against-linoleum-floor noise). As much as I WANTED this book to make me cry (the author's note at the beginning stated 'For those who believe in soul-shattering epic love'), I just couldn't! It wasn't realistic or actually even interesting. This book was meant to get me out of my reading rut, but quite frankly I think I'll have to have a book detox after this book simply because I don't have faith in any other books being better.

The whole mood of this book was: Guuhh.
… (mais)
rumarianna | outras 16 resenhas | Feb 17, 2024 |


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