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The Common People, 1746-1946 (1938) 110 cópias
The Murder at Crome House (1927) 32 cópias, 3 resenhas
The Death of a Millionaire (1925) 31 cópias, 1 resenha
The meaning of Marxism (1948) 30 cópias
The Brooklyn Murders (1923) 24 cópias
The people's front (1937) 16 cópias
Chartist Portraits (1989) 15 cópias
End of an Ancient Mariner (1933) 13 cópias
Death in the Quarry (1934) 12 cópias
Self-government in industry (1917) 12 cópias
Socialism in Evolution (1938) 11 cópias
Dead Man's Watch (1931) 11 cópias, 1 resenha
Last Will and Testament (1936) 11 cópias, 1 resenha
Scandal at School (1935) 10 cópias
Big Business Murder (1935) — Autor — 9 cópias
Burglars In Bucks (1930) 9 cópias
Death of a Star (1932) 9 cópias
The Blatchington Tangle (1926) 9 cópias, 1 resenha
Off with her Head! (1938) 9 cópias
The Man From the River (1928) 9 cópias
Studies in class structure (1964) 9 cópias
The Walking Corpse (1931) 8 cópias
Poison In The Garden Suburb (1929) 7 cópias
Robert Owen (1930) 7 cópias
Double Blackmail (1939) 7 cópias
The Condition of Britain (1937) — Autor — 7 cópias
Dr. Tancred Begins (1935) 6 cópias
The Missing Aunt (1937) 6 cópias
The Brothers Sackville (1936) 6 cópias
A Lesson in Crime (1933) 6 cópias
Samuel Butler (2005) 6 cópias
A century of co-operation (1944) 6 cópias
Fabian socialism (1971) 5 cópias
What Marx Really Meant (1934) 5 cópias
Social Theory (1930) 5 cópias
The life of William Cobbett (1971) 5 cópias
Knife in the Dark (1942) 5 cópias
Death of a bride (1945) 4 cópias
Socialist Economics (1950) 4 cópias
The Essential Samuel Butler (1950) 4 cópias
The Affair at Aliquid (1933) 4 cópias
Death in the sun 4 cópias, 1 resenha
Greek tragedy (1939) 3 cópias
Mrs. Warrender's profession (1930) 3 cópias
Counterpoint murder (1940) 3 cópias
A guide to modern politics (1934) 3 cópias
Essays in social theory (1979) 3 cópias
Toper's End (1942) 3 cópias
Workshop organisation (1973) 2 cópias
Disgrace to the College (1937) 2 cópias
Attempts at General Union: (1818) 2 cópias
Wilson and some others (1940) 2 cópias
Oxford Poetry 1910-1913 (1914) — Editor — 2 cópias
The Toys of Death 2 cópias, 1 resenha
Beaumont & Fletcher : lyrics from the plays — Editor — 1 exemplar(es)
Oxford poetry, 1910-1913 1 exemplar(es)
Que é socialismo? 1 exemplar(es)
Selected Poems {The Ormond Poets} (1928) — Editor — 1 exemplar(es)
Che cosa è il denaro? 1 exemplar(es)
War Aims 1 exemplar(es)
the Social Contract 1 exemplar(es)
Banks and Credit 1 exemplar(es)
Planning of world trade 1 exemplar(es)
Workers' control series 1 exemplar(es)
Building and Planning (1945) 1 exemplar(es)
John Burns (1943) 1 exemplar(es)
Oxford Poetry 1914 - 1916 (1917) — Editor — 1 exemplar(es)
In Peril of His Life 1 exemplar(es)
Fatal Beauty 1 exemplar(es)
Oxford poetry, 1914 1 exemplar(es)
New beginnings 1 exemplar(es)
What is ahead of us? (2023) 1 exemplar(es)
Economic planning (1971) 1 exemplar(es)
The post-war condition of Britain (2023) 1 exemplar(es)
Is this socialism? 1 exemplar(es)

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On the Social Contract (1762) — Tradutor, algumas edições5,480 cópias, 46 resenhas
The Social Contract and Discourses (1950) — Tradutor, algumas edições899 cópias, 1 resenha
The Floating Admiral (1931) — Contribuinte — 827 cópias, 25 resenhas
The Oxford Book of English Detective Stories (1990) — Contribuinte — 401 cópias, 5 resenhas
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Warning: for reasons explained below, this review may contain spoilers for another book by the Coles, Dr Tancred Begins.
Dr Ben Tancred is a private investigator who appears in two books by G. D. H. and M. Cole. Unusually, although both publlshed within a year of each other, they are set about twenty-five years apart. What is more, several of the characters in the earlier book also appear in this one, which means that they should be read in chronological order if possible. Unfortunately, they are both quite scarce books, particularly the first of the two, and I've only read this, the second. (It was reprinted some years ago as part of the Crime Club series "The Disappearing Detectives", but I don't think this had a very large print run.)
Dr Tancred is approached by an old acquaintance, Sarah Pendexter, in connection with the recent death of Lord St. Blaizey. She believes very strongly that it was murder (which view she shares with the doctor who examined the body) and that it was committed by her nephew, Rupert. However, this view appears to be mainly based on her claim that she saw the murder committed in a vision (she is a religious fanatic, and many people consider her insane). However, Tancred thinks that her other claim, to have seen Rupert riding on a horse in the vicinity of the crime (which was carried out by knocking the old man off his horse, in the woods near his residence), to be more credible, and eventually he decides to agree to investigate the case.
After consulting Superintendent Wilson (who was involved in the previous case, but plays only a small part in this one), Tancred goes down to the area where the victim lived (in Cornwall, near the river Fowey) and starts to look into the case. Another person whom he had met before is Rupert's sister Helen, who is now married to the victim's son, and hence has become Lady St Blaizey as a result of her father-in-law's death. Could she be involved in the murder? We have learned in the first chapter that she was previously tried for the murder of her stepfather (the story of this is told in the earlier book), and Ben was the main person responsible for her acquittal. He thought that he knew who really was the killer on the earlier occasion, but was unable to prove it, and that person is the principal suspect now. However, it takes a good deal of investigation to bring the case to a climax, with other issues involving a possibly forged will and a second murder.
It should be added that the book is set in a real area, with only slight changes to some place names (the reasons for which don't entirely make sense) and I was interested to note, by comparing the map provided with a modern road-map, that the area covered would today have to include the Eden Project!
… (mais)
JonRob | Mar 18, 2022 |
A highly entertaining read, among the best by this married double act. When a body is found in the sea near a Devonshire village, Sir Charles Wylie decides that the local police are not competent enough to investigate it and starts doing so himself. There's an interesting combination of amateur and professional detection, with Sir Charles a fairly sympathetic figure despite his flaws, and Superintendent Wilson intervening to bring the whole thing to a rather sedate but satisfying ending. The identity of the killer isn't a total surprise, but nevertheless many people won't fathom the whole of the plot… (mais)
JonRob | Sep 4, 2021 |
Dick Preston, at his aunt’s invitation, is staying at the country home of Lord and Lady Blatchington. After an early swim on his first morning there, Dick visits the library only to stumble across the dead body of a man, who is not a member of the house party. Of course, the many guests and the members of the household all seem to have something they want to hide from the police. When an arrest is imminent, Superintendent Wilson, no longer of Scotland Yard, is asked to prove the innocence of the suspect.

I’m enjoying this series by GDH and Margaret Cole, which are good examples of Golden Age detective fiction. Not as good as a Christie, Sayers, Marsh, or Allingham, they are nonetheless enjoyable works. I’m surprised that the books were never republished, although the attitude toward African natives in this book may be very jarring unless one keeps in mind that the book was written in the 1920s and was unfortunately reflective of that time. I plan to read as many in this series as I can get from interlibrary loans.
… (mais)
rretzler | Jan 25, 2019 |
The Death of a Millionaire is the second book in the Superintendent Wilson series by GHD and Margaret Cole, who were members of the Detection Club. It is an excellent example of a piece of the Golden Age of Detection fiction, and I’m a little surprised that the British Library hasn't republished the series. The copy I borrowed from ILL was a copy of the first US edition.

Superintendent Wilson and Inspector Braikie are very stumped with the case of a millionaire whose secretary seems to have murdered him in his hotel room. No body was found -however, the blood found at the scene, a witness locked in the closet and several eyewitnesses reporting that the secretary left the hotel with a large trunk and the missing millionaire seem to be conclusive evidence.

Although I highly enjoyed this book, the plot seemed a little unnecessarily complex. Overall, I thought it worked well, as it was an original idea. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Golden Age detective fiction.
… (mais)
rretzler | Jan 17, 2019 |



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