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Clark, P. Djèlí
Nome de batismo
Gabriel, Dexter
Outros nomes
Clark, Phenderson Djèlí
Clark, A. Phenderson
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Queens, New York, USA
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New York, New York, USA
Trinidad & Tobago
Houston, Texas, USA
Washington, DC, USA
Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Texas State University-San Marcos (B.A.|History)
Texas State University-San Marcos (M.A.|History)
Stony Brook University (Ph.D|History)
fiction writer
FIYAH Literary Magazine
University of Connecticut
Seth Fishman [literary] (The Gernert Company)
Angela Cheng Caplan [film/tv rights]
Pequena biografia
P. Djeli Clark is an Afro-Caribbean-American writer of speculative fiction. When not writing speculative fiction, P. Djèlí Clark works as an academic historian whose research spans comparative slavery and emancipation in the Atlantic World. (karenb)



Series Info/Source: This is a stand alone book. I got this on ebook from NetGalley for review.

Thoughts: I always love Clark's novellas and this was no exception. The amount of world-building that happens in this small novella is impressive, and the characters are engaging and entertaining too.

The story takes place in Tal Abisi, an ancient city with a deep history of magic and mythology. I was incredible impressed by the world-building here and hope that future stories take place in this world. There is a subtle steampunk theme to this world but there is also magic and an intriguing structure of gods. We are reading the story from Eveen the Eviscerator's point of view. She is a dead assassin who can't remember her past, although her most recent target changes that. Now she is left struggling to figure out if she should break the third and most simple rule of the guild, "Once you accept a job, you must carry it out."

I loved this. The premise is a bit crazy once you get in to the story. Eveen, and the characters that surround her, have amazing depth and are highly entertaining. I am always impressed by Clark's ability to engage me with his characters so completely in such a short page space. Additionally, this is just a downright fun story. The action scenes are really well done, the dialogue is witty, and the mystery Eveen is trying to solve is complex and keeps you guessing.

I was incredibly impressed with every aspect of this story and douby impressed that all this was contained in this novella! This was incredibly readable and entertaining and my only complaint was that it was over too fast.

My Summary (5/5): Overall I absolutely loved this. The world-building, story, characters, and action in here are all amazing and innovative. I am stunned by the complexity of both the world and characters that are created in such a short page space without seeming confusing or info-dumpy. This was an entertaining and flat-out fun read that I really enjoyed. I hope we see future books set in the complex ancient city of Tal Abisi. I eagerly await Clark's next story.
… (mais)
krau0098 | outras 5 resenhas | Jun 5, 2024 |
A very fun and heroic alternate-history-Civil War story with Orisha magic and sky pirates. New Orleans is an independent city-state whereas the rest of the US is split apart by an elongated Civil War. The main character is a girl who has a connection with the goddess of storms, Oya. She overhears a transaction where a scientist from Haiti plans to give a terrible weapon known as The Black God's Drums over to the confederates, quickly followed by an ominous vision from Oya. She knows she has to intervene somehow, and who better to recruit than a piratess/smuggler with an airship.

This was a great, quick romp about unlikely heroes and an interesting Civil War retelling. I wish it was longer and involved a little more character development.
… (mais)
escapinginpaper | outras 56 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
This review is also featured on Behind the Pages: The Dead Cat Tail Assassins

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

With memories of their previous life erased, the Dead Cat Tail Assassins are resurrected to work for the goddess Aeril. Eveen is an assassin who never questions a job and always fulfills her contract. Until the night she comes face to face with someone who could unlock her hidden past. And in her moment of hesitation, sets off a chain of events that will test the very fabric of her undead life.

Eveen is crude and sarcastic, the type of character who makes sure her opinions are heard. No matter the situation. She is a lethal assassin and has an attitude that can make readers snicker as she takes down her foes. While she must follow the rules of her trade, she will push the boundaries when the needs arise. Such as when her latest contract threatens her own undead life. She’ll do everything she can to thwart the powers to be and come out on top.

While the main character is a delight to read, the underlying mystery of the plot is just as intriguing. Readers will accompany Eveen as she uncovers back alley deals and impossible magical feats. Along the way, she will have to use her skills in combat and manipulation to fight off increasingly powerful and disturbing fellow assassins. Readers will be entertained right at the start as Eveen rises to each challenge, with weapons, and snark flying.

If you enjoy morally gray characters with a fiery personality, pick up a copy of The Dead Cat Tail Assassins. This is a novella length story and a quick entertaining read.
… (mais)
Letora | outras 5 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |
P. Djeli Clark has become a favorite for his world building, dry humor, and well developed characters, and The Dead Cat Tail Assassins is no exception. The Dead Cat Tail Assassins follows Eveen the Eviscerator, a member of The Dead Cat Tail Assassins Guild. We follow her as she starts on a new contract when things start to go a bit unusual. The characters are all fun and fleshed out, and you can see Eveen traveling through Tal Abisi through the story. I loved the Assassins, and would gladly read more of their tales should Clark decide to revisit the world of Tal Abisi.… (mais)
sawcat | outras 5 resenhas | May 12, 2024 |



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