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Nome padrão
50 Cent
Nome de batismo
Jackson, Curtis James III
Outros nomes
Jackson, Curtis
Data de nascimento
Locais de residência
Queens, New York, USA
drug dealer
G-Unit Records



Unexpectedly good read

I didn't really know what to expect going into this book but am very glad I read it. It's very inspiring and an all around great mindset book.
J3R3 | outras 5 resenhas | Apr 19, 2024 |
Completely unremarkable. Nothing long-term memorable or life-impacting about this book.
dksmiffs | outras 2 resenhas | Jun 27, 2023 |
Curtis Jackson has a work ethic and emotional intelligence that positioned him to be one of the most successful music creators. His book consists of 9 chapters of his tips to become the best you can be.

Chapter 1: Be fearless
-Don’t be afraid to get hit
-Raise your hand and you will be known by your bosses.
-Curtis Jackson is not afraid of losing all his wealth. He suggests a plan if he were to loose it all that consists of a peanut vendor stand in NYC named 50’s nuts.

-Curtis reflects on a past social media post where he scales to the top of a rooftop water tower in NYC.

Chapter 2: Cultivate the Heart of a Hustler
-If you’re not hustling your absolute hardest, you’re never going to reach your full potential.
-Commit to a clean lifestyle
-Staying sober in a setting where everyone is drinking can open up all sorts of opportunities
-To be an effective hustler you must be able to identify what you want.
-When gambling, only bet on sure things.

-Curtis Jackson shares an experience that revealed humility regarding one of his past record labels with a shirtless image that did not perceive him as in shape. He was able to photoshop the cover to hide any hints of being out of shape and used that to motivate him to always be in impeccable shape.

Chapter 3: Build a Strong Crew
The ability to recognize character is gold.
-Demand discipline from those around you.
-Encourage your team.
-Curtis shares an experience that involved kicking out one of his crew members mid tour after violating his no fighting policy.

Chapter 4: Know your Value
Having a good “Pay Me” energy will position your mindset on the goal with the best outcome.
-Consider added value outside of mere financials.
-Equity in a deal or company May payout more than payout.
-Time is the greatest expense.

-Curtis shares an example of deal he made that awarded limited financial gains however opened the door for additional opportunities with his tv show.

-Curtis shares his experience investing in a vitamin water stock where he worked to promote aggressively until Coca Cola bought the company for billions. He then shares this experience as where one of the quotes from his songs state:

“I took quarter water sold it in bottles for two bucks Coca-Cola came in bought it for billions what the f*ck?”

Chapter 5: Evolve or Die
-Know when to shift focus.

Curtis quotes a hedge fund owner, Ray Dalit:
Once we get the things we are striving for, we rarely remain satisfied with them. The things are just debate. Chasing after them forces us to evolve, and it is the evolution and not the rewards themselves that matters to us and to those around us. This means that for most people success is struggling and evolving as effectively as possible.”

-Curtis shares a thought that says as rap music audience evolves, it may be a good idea to pass down certain songs or lyrics he creates to allow someone fresh and young to make a larger impact. This allows someone new an opportunity to make it big and also allows Curtis to make money without the added work.

Chapter 6: Shape Perception
-Project the right appearance
-One way to ensure that everyone in the room knows that he is in charge is by touching the arm of the person he is talking to.
-Consider speaking softly in a room to enforce everyone to our close attention to listen to you
-Fake it till you make it.
-Act like you don’t need it.

-Curtis shares an example of the importance of having the right appearance by sharing the analogy of you are waiting at a red light and a beat up car that is dirty pulls up next to you and rolls their window down trying to grab your attention versus a rolls Royce that is clean pulls up next to you doing the same.

-Curtis shares an example of how he would catch the attention of his peers while in a meeting presentation, he would simply stare at the speaker without giving any nonverbal cues or feedback. The person who is speaking will become fixated on you and subconsciously thinking about you more.

Chapter 7: Don’t be Afraid the Compete
-Competition brings out the best in people.
-Never think you are above your competition.
-Sometimes the right move is to disengage and remove yourself from the competition and other situation, you’ve got to be very firm and establishing your dominance.

Chapter 8: Learn from your L’s
-It rarely feels like it in the moment, but experiencing setbacks, losses and disappointments will absolutely make you stronger in the long run.
-Admit that you’re wrong

-Curtis shares an example of another successful person having humility when that person turned toward him to ask him for his feedback in regards to a particular deal.

Chapter 9: Avoid the Entitlement Trap
-There is no version of hustling harder or smarter that involves relying on the assumption that someone is going to do anything for you.
-When you accept that it’s all on you, only then can you finally be free to focus 100% on being the best version of yourself.
-Entitlement creates resentment
-Curtis reflects back on his son, Marquis, in regards to his ability to provide the most for his son while avoiding the entitlement trap.
-When tasting and achieving success, jealousy, envy and entitlement often come along as byproducts.
-Are the people in your life depositing or withdrawing your value.
-Always remember to give back
-Curtis shares an experience he had while passing out hundred dollar bills in poverty stricken neighborhoods until it opened up the idea of new concepts and ways to get back.
… (mais)
kvan1993 | outras 2 resenhas | Nov 24, 2022 |
Best book I’ve read so far this year!
cmeblock | outras 2 resenhas | Jun 28, 2020 |



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