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The Spider is much darker / bleaker than The Wolf. Hit a bit close to home with some of the inter-character battles (human condition?). I really enjoyed the well-developed, not-perfect characters, and can't wait to read book 3!!
decaturmamaof2 | 1 outra resenha | Nov 22, 2023 |
This is the best book I have read this year (so far). I was hesitant to pick it up once the Game of Thrones comparisons were thrown at me. I am not a GOT fan. I'm also not typically a fantasy fan. This novel walks a fine line between fantasy and historical fiction. If I had to, I would make comparisons to Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series. If I had to. Keep in mind I love Uhtred. Roper is no Uhtred. He's not the rouge Uhtred is. Roper has the potential to be smarter and more conniving than Uhtred.

The novel's finest battle scene is one on of the finest I've read. There was really only one thing that didn't really work for me. The development of Bellamus and the Suthern people was a little lacking. I'm hopeful this will be addressed in the coming novel.

If you are looking for something a little more than just historical fiction, I would recommend picking this novel up
… (mais)
SKNF | outras 6 resenhas | May 7, 2020 |
The second instalment in the 'Under the Northern Sky' series and it's a ripping sequel - if you like your fantasy with some political machinations and some gripping battle tactics then this is for you! Leo Carew ups the ante in the action stakes with some seriously well written battle scenes. There's also a deeper level of intrigue as the spymaster from the South endures a series of ups and downs in fortune. 'The Spider' is a great bridge between the first establishment of this new world and its characters, into what will no doubt be a climactic final chapter!… (mais)
DevilStateDan | 1 outra resenha | Jan 25, 2020 |
A fantastic and epically scoped historical fantasy, replete with fully charged battle adventure and dangerously intricate political intrigue. Two warring races are at an impasse and have taken up the sword against one another to be rid of their old enemies for good, or die trying. Roper has just inherited the throne and will lead his northern people against the troublesome Sutherns, but he'll need to survive the political machinations of his ancient society to do it. Leading the fight for humanity is a social upstart with a keen knowledge of the enemy, but he'll need to play his hand very well indeed to reach a satisfying conclusion, for himself and his king. In this first book of a series we'll see them (and their formidable armies) go head-to-head in a fight for honour, but what will survival cost??… (mais)
DevilStateDan | outras 6 resenhas | Jan 25, 2020 |


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