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Dieser Kinofilm behandelt das Anwachsen der deutschen Aggression; 1934-1940. Er enthält viele animierte Karten, die deutsche Taktiken erklären, und viele Ansichten von Adolf Hitler bei Reden und Konferenzen. Spule 1 zeigt eine große Nazi-Kundgebung und von den Achsenmächten inspirierte Ausschreitungen in Belgien und Frankreich. Außerdem wird eine Nazi-Demonstration im Madison Square Garden gezeigt. Enthalten ist Filmmaterial von Joachim von Ribbentrop und Fritz Kuhn. Spule 2 zeigt die Mobilisierung von Industrie und Arbeitskräften; einschließlich Fallschirmjägertraining. Das Filmmaterial zeigt den Einmarsch in das Rheinland und den Bau und die Bemannung der Siegfriedlinie. In Filmrolle 3 nimmt Deutschland Österreich und die Tschechoslowakei ein, und das Filmmaterial zeigt Neville Chamberlain und Edouard Daladier bei der Münchner Konferenz; Chamberlain berichtet über die Gespräche. Das Filmmaterial zeigt auch Präsident Eduard Benes. In Spule 4; die polnische Kampagne beginnt. Gezeigt werden Szenen von Aktivitäten der Luftwaffe und der deutschen und polnischen Militärstärke im Vergleich. Die Filmrolle enthält Ansichten der Moskauer Konferenz. In Band 5 wird Warschau belagert und eingenommen, und Massen von polnischen Soldaten werden gefangen genommen. Das Filmmaterial zeigt das Leiden polnischer Bürger, die Einnahme Ostpolens durch Russland und die Bombardierung deutscher Schiffe durch britische Flugzeuge im Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. (fonte: Progress)… (mais)
MemorialeSardoShoah | outras 2 resenhas | Jan 17, 2024 |
C- (Meh).

An airplane is hijacked and taken to a utopia. At least, the filmmakers meant it to be a utopia. It's more like a bomb shelter. I guess in 1937 a bomb shelter made for a plausible utopia?

(Dec. 2023)
comfypants | 1 outra resenha | Dec 30, 2023 |
“Have you suddenly gone crazy?” — Priscilla Lane

“No, no, I don’t think so. But it’s only a matter of time.” — Cary Grant

Grab a big cauldron, stir in two sweet little old ladies with the unusual hobby of murdering lonely old men and burying them in the cellar, mix in a nephew who’s a sadistic killer, sprinkle in another nephew who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, then add to the pot yet one more nephew who’s normal, and heading to Niagra Falls for a honeymoon with his very pretty bride, and what you have is one of the funniest screwball comedies ever made!

Frank Capra of all people, famous for his blend of comedy and social commentary, was dying to do this picture after seeing the stage play by Joseph Kesselring. Julias J. and Philip G. Epstein wrote the very dark yet very funny screenplay. Once Cary Grant and pretty Priscilla Lane signed on, a screen classic was born. Grant’s takes and double-takes in this film are hilarious, and part of the reason everyone loves Cary Grant. Since everyone knows the premise of this film favorite, I won’t be spoiling anything by talking about it.

Mortimer Brewster (Grant) is the successful playwright of “The Bachelor’s Bible” so he is attempting is to marry his lovely sweetheart Elaine Harper (Priscilla Lane) in secret, before the press gets wind of it and have a field day. But when the couple stops by after the wedding on their way to Niagra Falls, he discovers something that turns his day upside down!

Grant’s reaction to discovering his Aunt Martha (Jean Adair) and Aunt Abby (Josephine Hull) are hiding a body in the window seat is a riot. His reactions are even more hilarious when they admit to having several bodies buried in the cellar! It seems his crazy brother who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, thinks they’ve died of yellow fever, and has been giving them a proper burial in what he believes to be the Panama Canal.

Elaine has been next door at her father's house (James Gleason) and can’t understand why Mortimer is acting so strangely, and trying get rid of her. While Mortimer is trying to get Teddy institutionalized his long-lost and quite diabolical brother Jonathan (Raymond Massey) shows up with his crazy little plastic surgeon (Peter Lorre) in tow. They’ve got a stiff of their own on their hands.Just who the nervous little plastic surgeon has cut Jonathan to look like is another riot.

Friendly cop on the beat O'Hara (Jack Carson) stops by for more fun, and there is a wild ending that somehow manages to work everything out. Mortimer has told his young wife, after all: “Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops!" Elaine may not believe him, but a trip to the cellar this Halloween night might change her mind!

Grant is terrific here and more than makes up for a couple of slow spots. Priscilla Lane has always been a favorite of mine, acquitting herself nicely, and quite attractively as always. If you want to see a darkly hilarious screwball comedy from a director who practically invented the genre, this is your film right here. One of Grant’s finest and most frantic performances.
… (mais)
Matt_Ransom | outras 6 resenhas | Nov 29, 2023 |
It was in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town that Frank Capra perfected the blend of comedy and social commentary that would become his trademark. The screwball comedy was graceful rather than frantic, and the social elements of Robert Riskin's fine screenplay are handled in an even-handed manner that earned Capra the second of his three Academy Awards for Best Director. Both Gary Cooper, as the tuba playing no-nonsense Longfellow Deeds, and Jean Arthur, as the reporter who exploits him until she falls for his goodness are wonderful in this true Capra classic.

Longfellow Deeds (Cooper) lives in the small town of Mandrake Falls where he earns his living writing greeting card poems and spends his free time playing the tuba. He is less than enthused when a bunch of big city attorneys show up at his door to tell him he has just inherited 20 million dollars from a relative he’s never met. They want him to sign over his power of attorney. Deeds goes to the city with them mainly so he can get a look at Grant's Tomb.

Cooper’s Deeds is honest and good, but no pushover. His initial reluctance about the situation proves wise as everyone wants to mooch off him while at the same time making him look a fool. Deeds gives as good as he gets and wins over the crusty Cornelius Cobb (Lionell Stander) to his way of doing things, but he can't get around the way a certain Louise Bennet is mocking his every escapade in the papers, making him look like a country bumpkin.

But Deeds knows it doesn't matter when he meets the sweet Mary Dawson (Jean Arthur), a lady in distress who becomes his constant companion. The lonely deeds no longer has to go off by himself like he did back home, where he talked to an imaginary girl. He tells Mary that she makes up for all the fakes he's met and writes a poem to her telling her how much he loves her. But nothing is as it seems to Deeds.

Arthur is wonderful as the cynical reporter who slowly realizes that Longfellow is straightforward and honest. She realizes it is everyone else’s viewpoint that is distorted. But will the truth ruin everything? Deeds is ready to pack it up and head back to Mandrake Falls until a starving farmer during the Great Depression gives Deeds an idea. It sets in motion a courtroom showdown where, as Cobb says, “Lamb Bites Wolf!”

Cooper and Arthur are memorable together in this wonderful Frank Capra classic. You’ll definitely get choked up when she reads Longfellow's poem about her on the steps of her apartment. Arthur does, because the words he has said earlier to a group of published poets making fun of him echo in her heart: "I guess it's alright to hurt someone as long as you don't care how much you hurt them."

If all the great Capra classics were represented by a vase full of red roses, this would be the one white rose in the center. It is flawless and pure, and represents everything that was special about the films of the first director allowed to have his name above the title. After seeing this film, you'll know why.
… (mais)
Matt_Ransom | 1 outra resenha | Nov 19, 2023 |



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