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I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an advance reader copy of this story.

What an enjoyable treat, an anthology of secondary characters. Five authors have given us 5 stories staring interesting background characters that were worth another look. I have my favorite, it has one of my best loved leading character dukes making an appearance. There are a couple from authors I've never read and it didn't take away from the stories, they worked as stand alones. I'm going to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the writing style of a couple who I will not name here. Just not my cup of tea. There's a 50 shades of grey like story that was an eye opener, never had any idea that Regency upper crust nobs were so bawdy. I spend a nice afternoon on a rainy day and enjoyed catching up. The subtitle of this book is Seasons of Sin Anthology Collection Book 1 so there may be a book 2 coming.

#BigBukeEnergy #netgalley #Oliver Heber Books #KerriganByrne #ChristiCaldwell #AmelieHoward #JannaMacGregor #StacyReid #historicalromance #romance
… (mais)
FDarlene491 | outras 4 resenhas | Jun 2, 2024 |
The Highwayman is a great read. The plot it exciting, the chemistry between the main characters is good, and the characters' backstories are interesting and bittersweet.

This book gets pretty dark at times. The heroine was molested as a child, then she lost her best friend when he tried to defend her. The hero was imprisoned and tortured as a child. He is now a very powerful man, but he has a lot of damage that he hasn't worked though.
zeronetwo | outras 33 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |
i hate everything about this.

i was going to erase that and be nicer but seriously this is awful. (okay fine. i like that it takes place in a bookstore - although that doesn't really end up mattering - and i like that the main female character has chronic pain and it actually factors into her character.) but mostly i hated this. first and foremost it is so full of relationship red flags, incredibly stalkish behavior from the main male character. he is so scary and creepy and gross and i hate so much that this supposed to be sexy and that she is supposed to be turned on by all the terrible ways he behaves toward her. that's the main thing, the dangerous thing. i don't care that he's got ptsd and is "damaged" or whatever. he's creepy as fuck and i hate equating behavior like his as sexy in any way or as positive or as anything but criminal and scary.

the number of dick comments and sexual innuendo had me rolling my eyes all the time. like if i was 14 i would have thought this was really clever and hysterical but i'm a grown adult and the characters are grown adults and so i hated this. but at least it wasn't dangerous and harmful like the normalizing stalking was.

there's more but these are the main things. i fell asleep through part of it and am not sure that i actually rewound it all the way so can't say for sure that there isn't equally awful racist or homophobic or whatever stuff, but think it was just the terrible sexifying of stalking.
… (mais)
overlycriticalelisa | outras 6 resenhas | Apr 6, 2024 |
It's unsettling to encounter underage sexual assault, described so graphically, especially so early in the story. It's disgusting. Not spoiler as it's in the prologue so, you can't miss it or avoid it. - I despise when books don't include trigger warnings.

And let's be clear: someone who constantly accuses their partner of 'not being honest' or because she wasn't/is a virgin is ABUSE. It's not love, it's toxicity. I couldn't care less if they reconcile in the end.

I'm used to dark romances, and generally enjoy them. Maybe if this had been advertised as such, I might've been able to look past it. But as it stands, it's just plain gross.

DNF 60%
… (mais)
selsha | outras 18 resenhas | Apr 2, 2024 |



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