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D. W. Buffa served as a defense attorney for ten years. He has a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago. He is the author of the Joseph Antonelli series. Buffa's other books include The Last Man, Evangeline, The Grand Master and The Dark Backward. He also writes under the mostrar mais pseudonym of Lawrence Alexander (Rubicon, 2008). (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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The Judgment (2001) 223 cópias, 3 resenhas
The Defense (1997) 207 cópias, 4 resenhas
The Prosecution (1999) 137 cópias, 3 resenhas
The Legacy (2002) 133 cópias
Breach of Trust (2004) 96 cópias, 2 resenhas
Star Witness (2003) 94 cópias, 1 resenha
Trial by Fire (Joseph Antonelli) (2005) 68 cópias, 1 resenha
Evangeline (2005) 28 cópias, 2 resenhas
Hillary (2016) 8 cópias, 1 resenha
Necessity (2018) 8 cópias, 2 resenhas
The Dark Backward (2011) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
The Swindlers (2011) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
Black Rose (2006) 5 cópias
The Grand Master (2009) 5 cópias
The Last Man (2013) 4 cópias
The 45th (2019) 4 cópias
Naufragio (2008) 3 cópias, 1 resenha
Rubicon (2016) 2 cópias
Lunatic Carnival (2022) 2 cópias
Prowokacja (2004) 1 exemplar(es)
Il giudizio (2006) 1 exemplar(es)
Forsvaret (1998) 1 exemplar(es)
The Privilege (2023) 1 exemplar(es)
LA DEFENSA (1999) 1 exemplar(es)
Helen (2014) 1 exemplar(es)
The Buffa-Lowdown 1 exemplar(es)


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Joseph Antonelli is a defense attorney who has never lost a case. This is the story of about 15 years of his life and cases. He wins his cases but not without major challenges that test him severely. It's Buffa's first novel and I sure hope it isn't the last. The characters are fascinating. The start is good. The middle is a tad slow but when you get to the last third of the book, it's one of those you are totally sucked into.
susandennis | outras 3 resenhas | Jun 5, 2020 |
5650. The Judgment, by D. W. Buffa (read 20 Sep 2019) This is the third Buffa novel I've read. Joseph Antonelli is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Portland, Oregon, who practices before a couple of evil judges. When evil Judge Jeffries is murdered he is succeeded by another evil judge Much of the book (especially Antonelli's love life) is boring before the accounts of the trials which I found full of interest. I could not help comparing the trial narrative with trials I have had. In our jurisdiction a local rule is that the lawyer examining a witness shall do so while seated at the counsel table except it handing an exhibit to the testifying witness. As I followed the trials in this novel , with the examining lawyer prancing around the courtroom during examination of a witness I felt that our rule was a good one The sequence of events is pretty incredible but does make for attention-holding interest. .… (mais)
Schmerguls | outras 2 resenhas | Sep 20, 2019 |
Star Witness is a legal thriller featuring Buffa’s familiar character of Joseph Antonelli, a gritty, bar-room brawling type of lawyer, who is defending Hollywood studio mogul Joseph Roth, accused of murdering his wife, a high profile actress working on one of his films. There are a list of potential suspects other than Roth, including Roth’s partner who is trying to take over the studio, his wife’s ex-husband, and a cop, who is a wannabe screen writer. Through it all, Buffa tantalizes the reader with Roth revealing all about the dirty underbelly of Hollywood.

There are some good aspects of the novel, including some intrigue and fireworks in the courtroom. It’s a solid read that generally keeps moving, but I didn’t find the characters to be all that believable. Also, the big reveal of how awful Hollywood felt a bit underwhelming. It seemed like the novel kept building toward this, and then when it finally delivered, it felt a bit ho-hum. All in all, this is a solid but unspectacular novel that has some entertainment value.

Carl Alves – author of The Invocation
… (mais)
Carl_Alves | Feb 2, 2019 |
A great read and an important topic. As usual, Buffa has created a fascinating and clever story around a cultural taboo, in this case, the assassination of a sitting U.S. President. He takes no cheap shots, but creates a literate, thoughtful and provocative courtroom drama that features iconic attorney Joseph Antonelli. If you ever wondered what the Russians have to do with Trump, or why Bannon was such a lightweight, this information also emerges, from witnesses under oath.
dmacsfo | 1 outra resenha | May 20, 2018 |


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