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The New Humanists: Science at the Edge (2003) — Editor — 230 cópias
How Things Are: A Science Tool-Kit for the Mind (1995) — Editor — 154 cópias
The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2,000 Years (2000) — Editor — 106 cópias
Speculations: The Reality Club (1988) — Editor — 74 cópias
Science, Mind and Cosmos (Phoenix 60p Paperbacks) (1996) — Editor — 55 cópias
Doing Science (Reality Club) (1989) — Editor — 46 cópias
About Bateson (1977) 23 cópias
Real Time (1973) 22 cópias
Creativity (Reality Club) (1993) 21 cópias
By the late John Brockman (1969) 13 cópias
Afterwords (1973) 5 cópias
Life: What A Concept! (2009) 5 cópias
37, by John Brockman (1970) 2 cópias

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Teaching for Intelligence (1999) — Contribuinte — 11 cópias


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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
California State University, Chico (MA)
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Edge Foundation



There was definitely some interesting stuff here, but like the internet itself there was just too much of it: little snippets from too many people with no discernable organization or conclusion. From an "ordinary" person's p.o.v. a lot of these people seem way too immersed in the field to speak to me in a fashion I can (a) understand or (b) trust. You know something is weird when Brian Eno's is the clearest piece on the topic. :-)
Abcdarian | outras 4 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
A cheap idea but lots of prestigious contributors. Worth reviewing now 2020 to embarrass the original authors.
yates9 | outras 5 resenhas | Feb 28, 2024 |
Very likely completely off but stimulating ideas. Lots of different authors so quality varies.
yates9 | outras 8 resenhas | Feb 28, 2024 |
There are some very good nuggets but it feels that the package is less than the sum of its parts because of the heterogeneous comparisons.

I think generally unproductive to read as a whole book - very interesting as micro biographies of individuals ideas separately.
yates9 | outras 3 resenhas | Feb 28, 2024 |



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Ian McEwan Introduction
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Beatriz Eguibar Translator
David Brooks Foreword
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Milan Bozic Cover design and Illustration
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