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Kimberly Brubaker Bradley was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and her first novel was Ruthie's Gift. Her children's book, The War That Saved My Life, became a New York Times bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography)
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The War That Saved My Life (2015) 3,122 cópias
The War I Finally Won (2017) 1,041 cópias
Jefferson's Sons (2011) 518 cópias
Energy Makes Things Happen (2003) 425 cópias
The Lacemaker and the Princess (2007) 386 cópias
Fighting Words (2020) 330 cópias
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Miri's family moved from Berlin to Paris after Kristallnacht, hoping that France would be safer for Jewish families. Their tiny apartment in the Pletzl is a far cry from their home in Berlin, but at least they are together, and they have developed a close friendship with their next-door neighbors. When police arrive at the apartment to round up Jewish citizens, Miri is separated from her family and placed on a bus with her neighbors. The woman convinces Miri to take the toddler Nora, whom Miri has always considered a sister, and run before she can be herded into the vélodrome, where people are being detained. With help from a passing nun, Miri and Nora are rescued and sent away from the city. They are split up, and Miri is placed at a Catholic boarding school while Nora is adopted by a local Catholic family. Miri is determined to get Nora back and escape to Switzerland, where Nora has family, but she is under the strict eyes of the nuns at the school, and she doesn't even know where Nora has been placed. She'll need cleverness, luck, and help from surprising sources if she is to succeed in getting Nora and herself away to safety.

Bradley is an author that I count on for excellent historical fiction, and in this case she has once again delivered. Great characters, an interesting setting, and a compelling plot. I sometimes think that there are already too many World War II novels for middle-grade readers, but there's always room for a book this good.
… (mais)
foggidawn | outras 3 resenhas | Apr 26, 2024 |
independent reading level: grade 4-7

Newbery Honor
#1 New York Times bestseller
Schneider Family Book Award
Odyssey Award
Josette Frank Award
Judy Lopez Memorial Award
WSJ Best Book of the Year
E.B. White Read Aloud Honor Book
HornBook Fanfare List
daylaj | outras 358 resenhas | Apr 24, 2024 |
The War That Saved My Life is a compelling historical fiction novel set during World War II. The story follows Ada Smith, a young girl with a clubfoot who has been kept isolated and abused by her mother in their London apartment. When Ada and her brother Jamie are evacuated to the countryside as part of Operation Pied Piper, Ada finds herself in the care of Susan Smith, a woman who initially resists taking them in but gradually becomes a source of love and stability for Ada and Jamie. As the war rages on, Ada learns to overcome her physical and emotional scars, forging deep bonds of friendship and discovering her own strength and resilience in the process. In the classroom, The War That Saved My Life can be used to enhance students' understanding of history and empathy. Teachers can guide students in researching and discussing the historical context of World War II, including the evacuation of children from London and the experiences of those living in wartime Britain. Additionally, the book offers opportunities for exploring themes such as disability, trauma, and the importance of compassion and acceptance.… (mais)
TravisJ | outras 358 resenhas | Apr 24, 2024 |
I’ve been struggling to find the right books to read that will fit my moods but this book worked great for me. I had a hard time putting down this book and was almost always eager to pick it up when I had time to read. I read it over 3 days in only about 48 hours.

At the approximate 2/3 mark though it turned into fantasy, a ghost story, and at first I did not like or appreciate the mix. The turn of events did have me looking up a lot about a person and a place from further back in history. Catherine de' Medici and Grand Gallery at Chenonceau. I ended up being okay with the fantasy elements.

I did guess one thing early on, that blond Beatrice is also Jewish.

I did think that one thing she did was (sort of) out of character. Miri is rightly suspicious and not able to trust anyone yet she trusts Madame Simone so much that she tells her everything and almost right away. I can sort of see it but don’t really even though that worked out fine given what turned out with the circumstances, but then she made another dangerous confession to Jacqueline. *sigh*

It does get painfully suspenseful.

I really liked Miri/Marie. I admire her bravery and kindness and intelligence and maturity and understood her guilty feelings, however misplaced.

I also really liked Beatrice and her quick wittedness toward the end of the story and also the twist with Jaqueline. I loved two of the nuns too, and several of the other characters.

I was already familiar with some of the true events that were part of this story such as the Vélodrome d'Hiver (or "Vél d'Hiv") roundup.

The ending felt rushed but I should say that I seem to feel this way about the majority of books that I read.

The author’s note at the end was perfection. I read every word, every name.

Because I love this author so much I made a point of reading this book on its own and not comparing it to other books by her that I’ve read. I might want to read every book by her. So far I’ve read The War That Saved My Life (5 stars) & its sequel The War I Finally Won (5 stars) (both books I’d love to own, and to share) and Fighting Words (5 stars) and Jefferson’s Sons (4 stars) and now this one (4 stars) – all winners. I have three others on my to read list but I probably should add all of her books to that list. The Night War is an important book and I give it 4 full stars.
… (mais)
Lisa2013 | outras 3 resenhas | Apr 23, 2024 |



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