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Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA (birth)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (college)
University of Pennsylvania
George Washington Law School
Jackson, Peggy (wife)
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Fred Bowen is the author of Peachtree’s popular Fred Bowen Sports Story and All-Star Sport Story series. A lifelong sports fanatic, he has coached youth league baseball, basketball, and soccer. His kids’ sports column “The Score” appears each week in the KidsPost section of the Washington Post. Bowen lives in Maryland.



I don't read a lot of sports fiction, and to be honest, I kind of skimmed through a lot of this. But I read so I can have it in mind as a suggestion when kids ask me for recommendations for sports books. Seemed like a decent book - liked the plotline of the boy learning that you don't have to be perfect in order to enjoy the game, and I liked that it exposes kids to Special Olympics and the fact that you can still play sports and be part of a team even with a disability.
kerribrary | 1 outra resenha | Mar 5, 2023 |
Basketball on and off the court packs every page, making this a true read for young, basketball fans.

Chris's older brother is the star of the high school basketball team, something Chris is proud and a bit jealous about, especially since his junior high's team is just starting their own season. Chris is determined to show the new coach that he should be one of the starting five, which isn't easy considering the good players on his team. But he knows he can't be ignored. He might not be as good as his older brother, but he's not bad. When the coach uses him as the first sub instead placing him under the starters, Chris is disappointed but determined to prove his worth...if he can.

I was happy to see that this read does center around basketball, meaning that it isn't about school drama, family issues, or any other side themes. Chris lives and breathes basketball. His friends live and breathe basketball. Even his family lives and breathes basketball. While this did almost seem suffocating, it comes across realistic as there are many sport families, who really love the sport that much...every single member. And the practices, games, and such of all siblings makes every aspect of life seem to rotate around that one theme. So, it was refreshing to see things from this point of view.

With all the concentration on basketball, this book is a definite read for basketball fans. The practice and game situations will come across very familiar, and even the few plays illustrated in the pages will have readers nodding their heads in recognition. The home scenes with concern about schedules, talk of the sport, and shooting hoops with family and friends not only sticks to topic but shows a supportive, understanding, and encouraging environment. This family might be about sports, but they don't take that in a competitive way, and rather, support one another in many aspects...even when there is the occasional jealous moment or two.

Then, there's an inspiring message for those, who play basketball. The words of the coach, older brother, teammates, friends, and family offer wise insights, which will have readers, who also play sports, thinking about their own positions and attitudes. These aren't preachy and stay in a reality-based position, so that players can really use them in their own practices and games.

I do see sport orientated readers enjoy this one quite a bit. I received a DRC through Edelweiss and enjoyed the quick, easy read.
… (mais)
tdrecker | Jan 19, 2023 |
Well-written facts and history accompanied by bright and engaging illustrations make this a book to get lost in.

From the very first thoughts of founding a professional basketball team, these pages follow the history of basketball from it's first moments onwards. Hitting upon the development of the game by a gym teacher with peach baskets, various important moments, personalities, problems and successes of the sport over time are presented and explained. The book is divided into 'quarters' and various chapters under those. At the end of the book, there are several lists of teams, individuals and such, which are great for those who like more exact numbers and details.

I enjoyed the comprehensive view these pages take on the history of the NBA, since it reaches further than just the famous individuals and feats surrounding the league, but includes the history which affected it. It centers around the struggles and intriguing solutions, which kept the dream of basketball alive and brought the NBA to where it is today. This includes organization beyond the NBA and shows how the efforts of those not directly involved in the organization did influence the NBA and did help to keep it alive, directly or indirectly. It definitely gave me a deeper respect for the people behind the sport, and portrays the clever twists and turns used to keep spectators interested in the game...because it wasn't always clear the sport would go on.

The illustrations are very well done and allow the energy of the court to come across clearly. The faces of the individuals mentioned are recognizable and, yet, there's a nice artistic flair, too. But it's the text, which makes this one shine, since it brings across the facts in an interesting fashion...and that in an appropriate as well as easy to understand fashion for the intended age group. It never talks down to the reader, but actually, is one even some adults will enjoy picking up and flipping through. I received an ARC copy and was surprised how well done this book is...since it even drew me, a non-sports fans, in.
… (mais)
tdrecker | Jan 15, 2022 |
Note: I received the first third of this book as an ARC copy and am writing my review concerning these first pages.

NFL is a part of every American's life, I believe, in minor or major ways. While Super Bowls, star players, and fan articles are part of every day life during football season, few probably stop to think much about the origins of football or how it's changed...along with its players...over the last 100 years. In celebration of National Football Month (August), this book takes a dive into football history in a way middle graders and even older fans can understand and enjoy.

First off, I am not a huge football fan. I attended a few games at the Bronco stadium while growing up and bought one stadium blanket, which I still have until this day and used to bundle up all four of my children on cold days (talk about a high-quality blanket!!!), but that's the extent of my football'ness'. Still, I really enjoyed this book and believe that it will make especially football fans' hearts beat faster.

Illustrations brighten and take a bold stance on every single page. This is such a plus, especially since the text is more fact ridden. The pictures not only help readers 'see' the physical changes to football during the past 100 years, but offer a wonderful break to the heavier text. Even more reluctant readers will enjoy this one, since they can flip through the pages and enjoy it as much visually as literally.

The text is historical and holds facts such as names, dates, and events. The author, however, did a nice job at keeping it pretty lively, so that the information doesn't bog down. Especially football fans will be able to sink into the scenes and enjoy the pure sport atmosphere while learning much more about football's history. The text is heavier and I'd personally recommend it more for ages ten and up. Even adults are sure to enjoy this one...which makes it an especially great book to pick up and enjoy cross-generationally.

Considering how much middle graders enjoy sport books (these appear to be one of their favorites to check out of school libraries), I can recommend this one and give it two big thumbs up.
… (mais)
tdrecker | Jul 19, 2020 |



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