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The Daily 5 is a great tool in developing independence in the classroom. It's core beliefs is something very practical that teachers can implement that will encourage student to be more enterprising. In looking at the model and the launching techniques written in The Daily 5, it seems very simple and orderly; however, my class size is different from their examples and I will definitely experience some complexities in that area. I do appreciate the basic principles of the book and their guidance on promoting literacy.… (mais)
saylore | outras 17 resenhas | Feb 4, 2020 |
This book is a must read for all teachers, not only Elementary teachers. It gives a step-by-step breakdown of how to teach literacy in an independent, engaging environment. Along with teaching literacy, it is a great classroom management tool. The main take aways I received from this book is that it is a great tool to build reading stamina and independence. My students desperately need both but I have no idea how to implement this practice into my over-packed curriculum that I am faced with daily. I do struggle with aspects of this management/ literacy system though because I do not think a 5-7 minute mini lesson here and there is enough to properly introduce reading strategies to my students. I also feel that the Daily 5 approach is not really meant for students who are just learning to read. It seems perfect for students who are already able to read independently, although I love that this approach teaches stamina. As beginning readers, the students need to learn introductory reading strategies, which, again, I do not believe can be taught in a 5-7 minute mini lesson. The majority of my students, though in first grade, have come to me with very low literacy skills and need to be taught many of the basics, such as letter sound correspondence. I love this approach for more skilled readers but not only do I not know how to build time into my curriculum to implement this, I also know that my students need more foundational skills before being released to dedicate the majority of their time to reading independently.… (mais)
clittle1 | outras 17 resenhas | Nov 24, 2019 |
The Daily 5 is an excellent program for classroom yeachers to follow in order to promote independence and ownership of improving the reading and writing skills of her students. In this manual, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser outline the five choices involved in the Daily 5 classroom that are designed to help each student achieve her very best in reading and writing: reading to the self, read to someone else, listen to reading, work on writing, and word work. Together, these authors describe the best ways to introduce this program to your class and how to maintain it. This is a program that leads to success.… (mais)
Sandralovesbooks | outras 17 resenhas | Oct 3, 2019 |
This book is great for new teachers. It goes into detail for teachers who want to try a new strategy for students that can help build skills for literacy and also for math. It is an unique way to set up a classroom and can be very valuable to every teacher if one decides to use this book as reference for a new start.
tnorris23 | outras 17 resenhas | Sep 4, 2019 |

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