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Foto do autor. Portrait of Giovanni Boccaccio from Il decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio (Firenze : Ciardetti, 1822).

Portrait of Giovanni Boccaccio from Il decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio (Firenze : Ciardetti, 1822).

Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375)

Autor(a) de The Decameron

Inclui os nomes: BOKACO, Jean Bocace, Jean Boccace, G. Boccaccio, Johan Boccacci, John. BOCCACIO, John Boccaccio, Boccaccio John, Djovani Bokaco, Đovani Bokačo ... (ver a lista completa), Bokkachcho Dzh., Boccaccio/payne, Boccaccio/winwar, Giavonni Boccacio, Boccaccio Giovani, Giovvani Boccacio, BOCACCIO GIOVANNI, Giovanni Boccacio, Giovanni Boccacio, Giovanni Bocaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Geovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boddaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giavanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giovanny Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio, Boccaccio And Payne, Gionvanni Boccaccio, Boccaccio/alexander, Dzhovanni Bokachcho, Giovani di Boccaccio, Giovanni di Boccaccio, M. Giovanni Boccaccio, Iohn Bocace (Boccaccio), Джованни Бокаччо, ג'ובני בוקצ'ו, Джованни Боккаччо, Giovanni; Edward Hutton Boccaccio, Guido A. trans. BOCCACCIO. GUARINO, G.H. Giovanni; McWilliam Boccaccio, Джиованни Боккаччо, Boccaccio (translated by J. M. Rigg), Boccaccio; Translator-Richard Aldington, John; Translator Edward Hutton Boccaccio, Giovani Boccaccio - Alexander Translation, Giovani Boccaccio - McWilliams Translation, John (translator) Giovanni; Payne Boccaccio, Dichter Giovanni Boccaccio, Humanist, Italien, Translated By: Daniel Donno Giovanni Boccaccio, and John Payne (Translator) Giovanni Boccaccio, Frances (translator) Giovanni; Winwar Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio translated by G.H. McWilliam, Richard (Translated Giovanni; Aldington Bocaccio, Translated By Richard Aldingto GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO, Giovanni; John Payne (Translated from the Italian, Richard Richard Translated By Aldington Boccaccio, Giovanni/ Boccaccio (edited By Herbert Alexander), Giovanni; Richard Aldington trans.; Rockwell Kent, Herbert (selected b Giovanni; Alexander Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio; Richard Adlington (translated, JOHN BOCCACCIO-THE FIRST REFINER OF ITALIAN PROSE, Richard (translator Giovanni; Aldington Boccaccio, GiovanniBoccaccio;TranslatorG.H.McWilliam;Illustra, Giovanni Boccaccio (Translated and Abridged By Lou, Giovanni. Introduction by Edward Hutton. Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375) - Related names Payne Boccacc, Giovanni Boccaccio; Mariangela Causa-Steindler; Th, John Boccaccio; Translator Edward Hutton; Illustra, Giovanni Boccaccio translated by Richard Aldington

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13,543 (15,443)1971,698 (3.99)23
Although Giovanni Boccaccio was born in France and raised and educated in Naples, where he wrote his first works under the patronage of the French Angevin ruler, Boccaccio always considered himself a Tuscan, like Petrarch and Dante. After Boccaccio returned to Florence in 1340, he witnessed the outbreak of the great plague, or Black Death, in 1348. This provided the setting for his most famous work, the vernacular prose masterpiece Il Decamerone (Decameron) (1353). This collection of 100 short stories, told by 10 Florentines who leave plague-infected Florence for the neighboring hill town of Fiesole, is clear evidence of the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy. The highly finished work exerted a tremendous influence on Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dryden, Keats, and Tennyson even as it established itself as the great classic of Italian fictional prose. Although Chaucer did not mention Boccaccio's name, his Canterbury Tales are clearly modeled on the Decameron. Boccaccio's other important works are a short life of Dante and commentaries on the Divine Comedy; Filocolo (1340) a prose romance; Filostrato (1335), a poem on Troilus and Cressida; and Theseus (1340-41), a poem dealing with the story of Theseus, Palamon, and Arcite. Boccassio's only attempt at writing an epic was a work that Chaucer rendered as his "Knight's Tale." Boccaccio's last work written in Italian was the gloomy, cautionary tale titled The Corbaccio (1355). The Nymph Song (1346), as a counterpiece for the Decameron, demonstrates that it is possible to read the Decameron as an allegory, with the plague representing the spiritual plague of medieval Christianity, viewed from the vantage point of Renaissance humanism. Many of the Decameron tales are indeed paganized versions of medieval sermons about sin and damnation with the morals reversed. After 1363 Boccaccio concentrated on trying to gain enduring fame by writing, in Latin, a series of lives of memorable men and women and a genealogy of the pagan gods. Boccaccio died in 1375. (Bowker Author Biography) — biography from The Decameron… (mais)
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Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian writer, poet, correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist. Boccaccio wrote a number of notable works, including The Decameron and On Famous Women. He wrote his imaginative literature mostly in Tuscan vernacular, as well as other works in Latin, and is particularly noted for his realistic dialogue which differed from that of his contemporaries, medieval writers who usually followed formulaic models for character and plot.
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