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Arnold Bennett was born on May 27, 1867 in Hanley, Staffordshire, England. He began his working career as a law clerk and later he left the legal field and became an editor for the magazine Woman. His first novel was "A Man from the North." He wrote several novels set in Hanley, the town where he mostrar mais was born. These are known as the Five Town novels. Other titles include "The Babylon Hotel," "The Truth about an Author," and "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day." Bennett won the 1923 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his novel "Riceyman Steps." "The Journal of Arnold Bennett" was published posthumously in three volumes. Bennett was also the author of "Hugo" which was made into a major motion picture in 2011 starring Jude law and Ben Kingsley, directed by Martin Scorsese. During WWI, Bennett was Director of Propaganda for France at the Ministry of Information. (At that time "propaganda" did not have the negative connotations it would have later in the twentieth century.) This appointment was based on the recommendation of Lord Beaverbrook, who also recommended him as Deputy Minister of that department at the end of the war. Bennett refused a knighthood in 1918. He died in London of typhoid fever on March 27, 1931. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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The Old Wives' Tale (1908) 1,565 cópias
Anna of the Five Towns (1902) 579 cópias
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (1910) 512 cópias
Clayhanger (1910) 359 cópias
The Grand Babylon Hotel (1902) 301 cópias
Riceyman Steps (1923) 243 cópias
The Card (1910) 238 cópias
Hilda Lessways (1911) 145 cópias
A Literary Christmas: An Anthology (2013) — Contribuinte — 137 cópias
These Twain (1916) 122 cópias
Tales of the Five Towns (1964) 56 cópias
The Ghost (1907) 47 cópias
Imperial Palace (1930) 47 cópias
The Pretty Lady (1918) 46 cópias
A Man from the North (1898) 46 cópias
The Human Machine (1900) 45 cópias
Helen with the High Hand (1910) 45 cópias
Mental Efficiency (1911) 42 cópias
The Roll-Call (1918) 40 cópias
The Regent (1913) 38 cópias
Mr. Prohack (1922) 34 cópias
The Price of Love (1914) 29 cópias
Whom God Hath Joined (1979) 28 cópias
Your United States (2005) 25 cópias
The Author's Craft (2004) 24 cópias
Sacred and Profane Love (1905) 23 cópias
Modern plays (1937) 22 cópias
The Feast of St. Friend (1911) 20 cópias
Leonora (1903) 20 cópias
Lord Raingo (1926) 20 cópias
Hugo (1906) 17 cópias
The Loot of Cities (1972) 16 cópias
A Great Man (1904) 16 cópias
The Vanguard (1927) 16 cópias
Accident (1928) 14 cópias
The Plain Man and His Wife (1913) 14 cópias
Piccadilly [1929 film] (1929) — Screenwriter — 13 cópias
Lilian (1922) 13 cópias
The City of Pleasure (1914) 13 cópias
The Lion's Share (1916) 12 cópias
Teresa of Watling Street (1931) 11 cópias
The Great Adventure (1962) 10 cópias
Murder! (1998) 9 cópias
The Glimpse (1977) 9 cópias
Milestones : a play in three acts (1912) — Autor — 9 cópias
Judith (1919) 8 cópias
The Gates of Wrath (1903) 6 cópias
The truth about an author (1911) 6 cópias
The Card [1952 film] (1952) — Writer — 5 cópias
What The Public Wants (1910) 4 cópias
From the Log of the Velsa (1914) 4 cópias
Sketches for Autobiography (1979) 4 cópias
The Arnold Bennett Calendar (1975) 3 cópias
Journal, 1929 3 cópias
Journal of Things Old & New (1975) 3 cópias
Venus Rising From The Sea (1931) 2 cópias
The Bright Island (1926) 2 cópias
A Bracelet at Bruges (1905) 2 cópias
Short Stories of Today and Yesterday — Contribuinte — 2 cópias
The Old Wives' Tale - Volume II (2006) 1 exemplar(es)
EaRB: Ein großer Mann 1 exemplar(es)
The Yacht. (short story) 1 exemplar(es)
"Lo! Twas a Gala Night!" 1 exemplar(es)
The Fire of London 1 exemplar(es)
Letters of Arnold Bennett; (1970) 1 exemplar(es)
A Collection of Arnold Bennett (2012) 1 exemplar(es)
Vasúti baleset 1 exemplar(es)
Passion 1 exemplar(es)
Friendship and Happiness (2010) 1 exemplar(es)
Dream Of Destiny (1932) 1 exemplar(es)
Un caz ciudat la Venetia 1 exemplar(es)
Polite farces for the drawing-room (1975) 1 exemplar(es)
Mary with the High Hand 1 exemplar(es)
The Wind 1 exemplar(es)
Burglary [short story] 1 exemplar(es)
The Five Town Series 1 exemplar(es)

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Conhecimento Comum



"She had sucked in with her mother's milk the profound truth that a woman's life is always a renunciation, greater or less."

Amazon describes this as a book about a young woman's struggle to free herself from her domineering father. Anna Tellwright lives in the Staffordshire pottery towns and keeps house for her wealthy, miserly, and cruel father Ephraim, and her younger sister Agnes. When she turns 21, she is surprised to learn that she has inherited a tidy sum from her mother's estate. However, her life does not change much, as her father controls all of her funds. Sometimes, though, her father sends her out to badger those who owe her estate rent or other debts, a task she both despises and is not good at. There is also a good deal about Methodism, as Anna's social life revolves entirely around her church, which she attends nearly every day.

Henry Minor, an eligible bachelor, begins to court Anna, and she is flattered. She soon learns that he is interested in her as a potential source of funds for the new pottery factory he is starting. Nevertheless, she agrees to marry him, though she fears the wrath of her father.

The book conveys a strong sense of place. It is a bit thin on plot, with none of the meanderings and subplots of those great big Victorian novels. It raises some important themes--the plight of women, always under the thumb of men; evangelical religions; the plight of factory workers; and more--yet it never explores any of these issues very deeply. I enjoyed reading this book, but I wouldn't describe it as an important book. And in terms of reading pleasure, I enjoyed Bennett's The Old Wive's Tale much more.

3 stars
… (mais)
1 vote
arubabookwoman | outras 5 resenhas | Jun 10, 2024 |
Beautifully written, although sometimes the author holds somewhat arrogant notions regarding literature and the people who enjoy reading it. This is a good read if you want to feel a cultivated, erudite person. Also very suitable for people who want to impress their high school teachers. Made me laugh out loud a few times as well; read the first part of the chapter on poetry if you want to know what I mean.
jd7h | outras 4 resenhas | Feb 18, 2024 |
Gift from Audrey Walstrom Gabbard
DianeRuth | outras 3 resenhas | Jan 12, 2024 |
Reason read: its the season
I picked this up from Audible on sale. It is an anthology of Christmas tidbits from various British literary works such as;
Moore's A Visit from St Nicholas or The Night Before Christmas
A Christmas memory from Cider with Rosie (Laurie Lee)
Poetry; Wordsworth, Wadsworth, Shelley, Thomas Hood, Tennyson
Christmas Carol and other Dickens
Wuthering Heights
Thomas Hardy, The Oxen
A work of horror; The Mistletoe Bough
and others such as Dylan Thomas, Kenneth Grahame, Nancy Mitford, Louisa May Alcott, Thackeray. and so much more.… (mais)
Kristelh | outras 3 resenhas | Dec 14, 2023 |



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