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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Florida, USA
Washington, D.C., USA
Ohio State University (history|2000)
news reporter
political analysis
Parker, Ashley (wife)
Wall Street Journal
National Press Club Award for political analysis (2020)
Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency (2019)
Matt Latimer (Javelin)
Keith Urbahn (Javelin)
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Michael C. Bender is the senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal whose coverage of President Trump has been recognized for its deep sourcing, balance, and valuable behind-the-scenes portraits of Trump's administration and presidential campaigns.

Bender was awarded the Gerald R. Ford Foundation Journalism Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency in 2019 for work that "set a consistently high standard of reporting" and "provided a valuable chronicle of the president, his team, and the movement that has reshaped American politics and national policy."

In 2020, he received the National Press Club award for political analysis for a series of stories that detailed the sights, sounds, and inner workings of Trump Campaign rallies,

Since 2000, Bender has covered local, state, and national politics for the (Grand Junction, Colorado) Daily Sentinel, Dayton Dqily News, Palm Beach Post, Tampa Bay Times, and Bloomberg News. He joined the Journal in 2016 and published more than eleven hundred stories about Trump in the next five years. He has also served as an on-air political analyst for CNN

Born and raised in Cleveland with his six younger sisters, Bender graduated from the Ohio State University in 2000 with a degree in history and now lives in Washington with his wife, Washington Post White House Bureau chief Ashley Parker, and two daughters. [from the back flap of the book jacket of "Frankly, We Did Win This Election" (2021)]



I think I need to stop reading all of these books about the Trump presidency - I keep hoping that there will be some new information, but that rarely happens. This one was well written, but the author tends to get too much into the weeds on certain topics, which quickly becomes boring. Other than some interviews with Trump mega-supporters, there is little to distinguish this book from any other.
flourgirl49 | outras 6 resenhas | Mar 11, 2022 |
The Donald Gaslights Himself
Review of the Grand Central Publishing hardcover (2021)
One of the truisms in Trump World held that the constant chaos and plot twists were always surprising but never shocking. The absurdity of it all always seemed to make sense. And Trump's insurrection was the ultimate coda - a horrifying but inevitable finale. He'd spent four years insisting that the media was lying, that elected officials weren't to be believed, and that the courts weren't to be trusted. He'd spent his entire presidency gaslighting the country with a version of reality in which he'd never lost, he'd never be convicted and he'd never really go away. ... He vowed to keep fighting to deliver "American greatness" across the country. He described the MAGA movement as "historic, patriotic and beautiful."
"There has never been anything like it." Trump said, offering a rare understatement.
- a selection from the concluding paragraphs of Frankly, We Did Win This Election

At this point I think I've read a few too many of the Trump post-mortem books and this one took me the full 3 weeks of library loan time to get through it. In comparison, the Michael Wolff Landslide and the Bob Woodward Peril were a breeze. Leonnig/Rucker's I Alone Can Fix It was also a bit of a slog, but at 592 pages most anything would be.

I didn't get the sense that there was anything much new in this one. Its one unique feature was several interviews with various so-called "Front Row Joes", Trump mega-fans who attended as many Trump election rallies as possible during the campaign i.e. dozens and in States all across the country. The fact that they were so deluded by the huckster isn't exactly new information though, but they are at least a representation of the 75 Million others. One quote really stood out though.
"It just looked so neat,” she said. “We weren’t there to steal things. We weren’t there to do damage. We were just there to overthrow the government” - 'Front Row Joe' Saundra about the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capital.

The other standout is minor, but it is the single acknowledgement by Trump that he had lost the election that I have ever seen. It wasn't public however, but was mentioned in what was likely a national security briefing which was attended by General Mark A. Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trump apparently asked to skip over one item in the meeting's agenda and the reason given was:
"We'll leave that for the next guy," Trump said.

Similar to the conclusions of Wolff's Landslide and Leonnig & Rucker's I Alone..., Bender interviews Trump at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort for his Epilogue. He also finds him basking in the glow of the attention of his associates and still defiant.

It is a fairly recent entry, so Frankly, We Did Win This Election currently (as of mid December 2021) does not yet appear on the Trump Tell-Alls Listopia (251 books and counting) or the Books About, By or Involving Donald Trump Listopia (497 books and counting) on Goodreads.

I read Frankly, We Did Win this Election as part of my reading survey of various books in relation to the 2020 American Election and ongoing events. As a Canadian I’ve generally ignored American politics and elections in past years, but the drama of the situation in 2020 and 2021 has heightened my interest.
… (mais)
alanteder | outras 6 resenhas | Dec 19, 2021 |
The best thing about this now-oft-told tale is the time spent on the Front Row Joes. There's scarcely a diner left that hasn't been invaded by curious journalists trying to understand Trump-mania but Bender gently visits the faithful to uncover the obvious: an almost crushing need to belong. This, more than anything else, was (and still is) Trump's secret sauce.
Lemeritus | outras 6 resenhas | Nov 30, 2021 |
Great (and disturbing) insight into both Trumps White House and his hard core supporters.
carolfoisset | outras 6 resenhas | Oct 10, 2021 |

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