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As a child, Aimee Bender enjoyed reading fairy tales, particularly the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. She began creating her own stories, and later, as an elementary school teacher, she enjoyed telling her students both traditional fairy tales and stories she had made up herself. Eventually, mostrar mais she began writing short stories, which have been published in a variety of magazines, including Granta, GQ, Story, and The Antioch Review. Her first book, The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, a collection of her stories, was published in 1998. Bender's work is intended for adults rather than children, but many of her short stories could be described as contemporary fairy tales. Bender's stories often include some of the same elements that she enjoyed encountering in fairy tales, such as of magic, fantasy, surprise, humor, and absurdity. Although she has found success as a writer, Bender continues to teach because she enjoys the interaction with others and feels she needs that contact to balance the solitude that is required for her writing. In addition to teaching elementary school, she has taught in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program and in the writing program at the University of California at Irvine, where she received her M.F.A. Bender lives in Los Angeles. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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I couldn't decide if the author is neurodiverse or if she was just writing about a character who is. Mona is obsessed with numbers, and she doesn't quite fit in with other people. Of course, everyone in the whole book is just a little bit off: her father with his hypochondria, Mr Jones wearing mood numbers and pretty much ignoring his customers, the new science teacher with burns on his arms (Mona keeps thinking they are from science experiments, but I think they are self-inflicted). Mona thinks that when a number appears in your yard that will be the age you die, because it happened to be true twice. She doesn't know how to handle her father's illness. He was kind of her role model, getting her to be involved in running. Her mother just wants her to be normal, to get excited about birthdays and buy a dress.
Mona buys an ax and brings it to the classroom. This is definitely not something people usually do.
I can't see what other readers think is 'magical realsim' in this novel. Yes, things are off kilter, but that's all in Mona's perception.
The book ends with a crisis, off kilter again, but it allows Mona to break through her worries.
… (mais)
juniperSun | outras 25 resenhas | Jun 2, 2024 |
Interesting premise of tasting people's feelings in the food they prepare, but ultimately pretty forgettable.
Abcdarian | outras 274 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
A sci-fi-fantasy family-relationships novel that follows Rose from being eight years old until her early twenties. She finds she has a gift/superpower/curse of being able to taste the emotions of whoever has made a meal to the extent of being able to place the factory where a processed food is made. For a young girl this is a disturbing superpower and she struggles to find food bland or fresh and untouched enough to be edible. Her brother, meanwhile, seems to have the ability to disappear. Her parents are often absent too and she is negotiating life without much guidance. It is an intriguing novel. I struggled to engage with the characters much. George is the sympathetic friend and seemed a good person and the owners of the French restaurant where Rose finds somewhere she can be are too.… (mais)
CarolKub | outras 274 resenhas | Apr 23, 2024 |
This story is strange and I don't understand it at all, but I loved it anyway.
hmonkeyreads | outras 274 resenhas | Jan 25, 2024 |



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