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The Mud Pony (1988) — Ilustrador — 1,137 cópias
The Diné Reader: An Anthology of Navajo Literature (2021) — Artista da capa, algumas edições; Contribuinte — 32 cópias
The Native American Book of Life (1992) — Ilustrador — 24 cópias
Soul Searching: Thirteen Stories about Faith and Belief (2002) — Contribuinte — 22 cópias


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It tells the Nava legend of a young woman who asks Spider Woman for help, the spirit tells her that now she will be in charge of making blankets for her tribe with one condition, she should not do much of anything, the young woman accepts and gets to work. She tries to create such a beautiful and perfect blanket by taking days and a lot of effort for spider woman. In the morning her husband finds her on the floor without knowing what had happened, he takes her to hand trembler to find out what happened to her and they discover that the young woman's spirit is trapped in the blanket for not obeying Spider woman. This is a great book for children to read about mistery and the theme is that there are consequences for the decisions you make.… (mais)
Bernardettes | outras 2 resenhas | Feb 23, 2022 |
"Ma'ii and Cousin Horned Toad" is a traditional Navajo story that the author describes as "Ma'ii Jol Dlooshi'," or "Coyote out walking stories," which are tales used to teach children who to properly act, as well as natural phenomena. The story follows a lazy Coyote called Ma'ii, who visits his cousin Horned Toad. Horned Toad lives on a farm where he grows corn, and Ma'ii demands his cousin feed him. Horned Toad feeds the greedy coyote, who keeps wanting more and more food. Horned Toad eventually becomes mad at Ma'ii's rude behavior, and tells him that if he wants to eat his corn, he has to work in the corn field. Ma'ii agrees, though he hates working more than anything; despite this, he thinks it would be amazing to have his own farm, since he wouldn't have to work for food anymore. Ma'ii decides to trick Horned Toad into giving him his farm; the trick involves Ma'ii pretending to have a tooth ache and asking his cousin to look in his mouth, which Horned Toad does reluctantly. Ma'ii chomps down and swallows Horned Toad. The coyote begins to hear chanting, which he believes is Horned Toad's spirit trying to get revenge. It turns out Horned Toad is still alive in Ma'ii's stomach, eating the corn that the coyote had been greedily eating. When Ma'ii attempts to drown the toad, it results in his cousin enjoying a bath and having water to drink. When the coyote tries to boil the toad alive, he ends up hurting himself and Horned Toad just has a warm bath instead. Ma'ii begs Horned Toad to leave, and the toad refuses, instead exploring the coyote's body. When the toad comes across Ma'ii's heart, he pulls on it, which causes the coyote to pass out. Horned Toad then exits the coyote's mouth, and wakes Ma'ii up. The coyote is terrified of the toad now, and runs away. The book tells the reader how even now, Ma'ii is still afraid and leaves his cousin alone. I enjoyed this story, as it was not only informative about a culture I have little knowledge about, but it was funny and entertaining as well. It's easy to see how this tale would be used to teach kids how to act, since it shows the repercussions of being greedy and rude. The illustrations in the book are very reminiscent of Native American culture, and they all have a very earthy, "natural" feel to them. Notes at the end of the book explain the story further, and also provides a glossary of some Navajo words, which I think is great for children who are interested in the Navajo culture.… (mais)
awaldrup | outras 8 resenhas | Mar 27, 2019 |
Summary: This book is a Native American folktale about a coyote and is cousin the horned toad. Coyote tries to eat horned toad and steal his crops. Horned toad makes coyote hurt inside his belly and then coyote learns a lesson.
Opinion. This is just a classic folktale, its ok. I like the illustrations and the characters are cute. I don't know how it would be possible for a horned toad and a coyote to be related at all. Its a good lesson to maybe teach kids to not be greedy.
KelseyGwozdz | outras 8 resenhas | Oct 14, 2018 |
My take away from this poetry book was that I want to find out if I can buy any of the illustrations. The way that the landscapes of the southwest are illustrated in this book is immaculate, it's like I'm looking out into my local desert or mountains. I can relate to how appreciative the Navajo are of their surroundings.
CaputoJohn | outras 4 resenhas | Sep 30, 2018 |


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