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Maya Banks is a contemporary romance author. Her books include The Surrender Trilogy, The Slow Burn series, The Breathless Trilogy, Colters' Legacy, KGI Novel series, The Sweet series and The Enforcers series. She has made The New York Times Best Seller List with titles like, Just One Touch. mostrar mais (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Includes the name: Maya Banks

Também inclui: Sharon Long (1)

Disambiguation Notice:

(eng) Maya Banks is the pen name for Sharon Long.

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Obras de Maya Banks

Obsessao (2013) 961 cópias
Delirio (2013) 698 cópias
In Bed With a Highlander (2011) — Autor — 656 cópias
The Darkest Hour (2010) 628 cópias
Fogo (2013) 572 cópias
Sweet Surrender (2008) 554 cópias
Seduction of a Highland Lass (2011) 483 cópias
Never Love a Highlander (2011) 478 cópias
No Place to Run (2010) 469 cópias
Colters' Woman (2006) 462 cópias
Sweet Persuasion (2009) 442 cópias
Hidden Away (2011) 430 cópias
Highlander Most Wanted (2013) 409 cópias
Whispers in the Dark (2012) 390 cópias
Sweet Seduction (2009) 371 cópias
Sweet Temptation (2010) 360 cópias
Be with Me (2008) 355 cópias
Keep Me Safe (2014) 348 cópias
Echoes at Dawn (2012) 325 cópias
Letting Go (2014) 320 cópias
Sweet Possession (2011) 310 cópias
Shades of Gray (2013) 309 cópias
Forged in Steele (2013) 300 cópias
Sweet Addiction (2012) 299 cópias
After the Storm (2014) 269 cópias
For Her Pleasure (2007) 263 cópias
In His Keeping (2015) 242 cópias
Colters' Lady (2010) 239 cópias
Taking It All (2014) 227 cópias
When Day Breaks (2014) 220 cópias
Brazen (2007) 208 cópias
Colters' Wife (2010) 208 cópias
Cherished (2012) — Contribuinte — 203 cópias
Mastered (2015) 198 cópias
Seducing Simon (2006) 194 cópias
Safe at Last (2015) 193 cópias
Four Play (Pillow Talk / Her Fantasy Men) (2010) — Contribuinte — 191 cópias
Darkest Before Dawn (2015) 190 cópias
Colters' Daughter (2011) 173 cópias
Colters' Promise (2012) 160 cópias
Into the Mist (2008) 157 cópias
Softly at Sunrise (2012) 152 cópias
Stay With Me (2008) 150 cópias
Wanted by Her Lost Love (2011) — Autor — 144 cópias
Into the Lair (1994) 140 cópias
Kept (2016) 140 cópias
With Every Breath (2016) 137 cópias
Colters' Gift (2013) 137 cópias
Brighter Than the Sun (2017) — Autor — 136 cópias
Dominated (2016) 134 cópias
Understood (2006) 124 cópias
Just One Touch (2017) 113 cópias
Overheard (2007) 112 cópias
Amber Eyes (2009) 110 cópias
Long Road Home (2008) 109 cópias
Golden Eyes (2010) 104 cópias
Men Out of Uniform: Three Novellas of Erotic Surrender (2011) — Contribuinte — 103 cópias
Unbroken (1843) 102 cópias
Highland Ever After (2014) 92 cópias
Theirs to Keep (2013) 90 cópias
Undenied (2007) 83 cópias
Reckless (2008) 83 cópias
Love Me, Still (2007) 80 cópias
Songbird (2009) 79 cópias
Linger (2010) 69 cópias
Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (2012) 55 cópias
Wild (2010) 48 cópias
Red-Hot Summer [4-in-1] (2009) 34 cópias
Wherever You Are (2018) 34 cópias
Soul Possession (2013) 30 cópias
Caught by Cupid [Anthology 3-in-1] (2007) — Contribuinte — 21 cópias
His Only Weakness (2018) 21 cópias
The Perfect Gift [Anthology 5-in-1] (2007) — Contribuinte — 18 cópias
Forever Ours (2016) 16 cópias
Always Mine 15 cópias
Exiled (Novella) (2014) 15 cópias
Blame the Rain 15 cópias
Maya Banks KGI series 1- 4 (2012) 13 cópias
Her Majesty, My Love (2008) 10 cópias
Surrender Trilogy Boxed Set (2014) 6 cópias
Callie's Meadow 5 cópias
About the Author 2 cópias
Dare (Silhouette Bombshell) (2012) 2 cópias
Songbird & Soul Possession (2018) 1 exemplar(es)
Colters´Legacy, #5.5 1 exemplar(es)
Valentine's Day Collection 2013 (5-in-1) (2013) — Contribuinte — 1 exemplar(es)
Atraida por um Highlander (2017) 1 exemplar(es)
Sommer der Herzen (2013) 1 exemplar(es)

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The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress [Manga] (2013) — Original Text — 9 cópias
The Tycoon's Secret Affair [Manga] (2013) — Original Text — 2 cópias
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Conhecimento Comum

Nome de batismo
Long, Sharon
Outros nomes
Banks, Maya
Long, Sharon
Data de nascimento
20th Century
País (para mapa)
Locais de residência
Texas, USA
Kimberly A. Whalen (The Whalen Agency, Ltd.)
Pequena biografia
Maya Banks is the pen name for Sharon Long. Escaping into the pages of a book is something she's loved to do since she was a child. Now she crafts her own worlds and characters and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. A southern girl born and bred, she loves life below the Mason Dixon, and more importantly, loves bringing southern characters and settings to life in her stories. 

She lives in southeast Texas with her husband, three children and assortment of pets. When she's not writing, she loves to hunt and fish, bum on the beach, play poker and travel.
Aviso de desambiguação
Maya Banks is the pen name for Sharon Long.




Quickie Review (May contain spoilers, please be responsible before moving forward)

Colter's Woman is a reverse harem romance. I actually think I might have read one of the books from this series and I hadn't been a fan and probably why I put off this author for as long as I did. I just grabbed this one hoping that maybe I would enjoy it better but yeah I see why I struggled with these books. I do think these aren't this authors' strongest writing but it could also be the reverse harem aspect. That is NOT my cup of tea and the more I try I out, the more I realize its not a trope I like at all hardly. Every once in a while I can find one that will work for me, but for the most part its a trope I avoid. I really struggled with it at times. This isn't the worst RH that I have ever read though. but its definitely not the best. I really didn't know if I wanted to DNF this one or not, the pacing in this book was a bit off. Not sure I will continue the series, or if I do I will pace it out quite a bit.… (mais)
addictofromance | outras 21 resenhas | Feb 17, 2024 |
This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review. Also my tags may have spoilers in them so be forewarned before checking out full review.

Book Evaluation:
Plot: 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️
World Building:🌎🌎🌎🌎
Hero: 🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻
Intimacy Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Relationship Building: 💒💒💒💒
Heart & Feels:💞💞💞💞
Witty/Banter/Reaction of Laughter: 😂😂😂😂
Page Turner Level:📖📖📖📖
Overall View: ✨✨✨✨

First Impressions
With Every Breath is the fourth installment in the "Slow Burn" series and this is Eliza's book. I didn't really remember her that much from the previous books, this is a series that if you want to remember the character connections to read them closer together. I will be honest in that this is my least favorite series from this author, I just don't seem to enjoy the characters as much as I would like to although the hero was delicious, man we don't see alpha males like this anymore. I miss them like crazy haha The heroine was the hard one to really enjoy, she was super unlikeable especially in the beginning and I almost set it aside because of her however, I am glad that I stuck with it because she does get better as the story progresses. But a solid suspense to enjoy.

First Line
Eliza came awake with none of her usual crispness and ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude.

The Main Protagonists
The Hero: Wade
Alpaa male, lives by his own rules, border line anti hero, skirts the law on the edge to get things done if needed. An acquaintence of the team but not super trust worthy with them and is as alpha as you can get.

The Heroine: Eliza
Eliza is a alpha female, she has been the co partner of the group and knows how to fight just as much as the others do. She has a past that tears her apart inside and keeps her secrets close and doesn't trust easily

Eliza is still recovering mentally and emotionally from almost being killed. She learns news that a man from her past is being released from prison and he will be coming for her for revenge and she can't put her friends at risk, she will do anything to save them. She slowly distances herself. Wade Sterling sees right through her and knows that not everything is as it seems. He took a bullet for her and there has been an angsty relationship between them, but a simmering chemistry. When Wade catches her running away with enough ammo to arm a third world country, he knows that circumstances are so much worse than he thought. He forces her to be real with someone and take care of herself and together with the Devereaux team they work to bring down one of the greatest enemies that they have faced...

What I Loved
The plot of this story really packs a punch. This is something that Maya Banks has always excelled at, she can really pull you into the story so flawlessly. Even if its not likeable in the beginning, I honestly was so swept away by the plot and just had to stick with the story because it was so compelling. We have our team of the Devereaux security and it was so fun getting back to this group again. I have just loved them all and they are such a delight to read and their friendship and commadarie is infectious. Then we have our hero, WADE STERLING. He is one piece of delicious meat that I just wanted to gobble up. A beyond sexy alpha male that will do anything to protect his woman. I love how dominant he is in this book, and will protect Eliza even from herself. She does get to the point where she is neglecting her basic needs, and he comes storming in, so alpha and commanding and making sure she learns the value in taking care of herself even to the point of kidnapping her to make a point BAWAHAHAHA its fabulous right? Yeah, I had a fun time with this hero. He really entertains and just his personality so easily will curl your toes.

What I Struggled With
I really had a hard time with this heroine, oh boy she was so hard around the edges and I had such a difficult time with her. She is one of those women that have to be so strong all the time, and never trusts anyone or relies on anyone or it makes her weak. So she was super unlikeable in the beginning and I had a hard time enjoying her character because she is so rough character wise and I just don't relate with heroines in any way like this. Even though she does get better, I almost DNF'd this book because of Eliza so she takes some growing and getting used to.

This narration was so beautifully done. I always do these books in audio because the narration is just right. Its compelling, engaging and keeps you wanting for more. They also bring out the tone of suspense that is just right to keep you intrigued with the plot.

Overall View
With Every Breath was a superb read that kept me engaged and while it was rough in some points, it delivered in the end and captivated my emotions in ways that I didn't expect.....a solid installment that has me intrigued to keep going with the next.

Favorite Quote(s)
“You mean something to me. You. And that means all of you, not just the parts you want me to see while you hide the parts you’re so determined to be ashamed of and feel guilt over. You’re mine, Eliza. All of you. Every inch of you, body and soul. And it wasn’t just your body that I claimed when I made love to you and was inside you so deep that there will never be a time you don’t feel me. I also claimed your heart, your soul, your mind and everything that makes you the person you are and what you were meant to be. And what you were meant to be is mine.”

Book Details (also in my shelves)
Sub Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Character Types: Alpha Hero, Alpha Female, Military (Commando)
Themes: Pining Hero, Psychic Abilities, Kick Ass
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Road Trip

Book Perspective

Relationship Conflict vs Plot Conflict

If you like these authors, I recommend This Book
Shayla Black
Lexi Blake
Lori Foster

Song This Book Inspires
All for You by Amaria, Destin Conrad

Recommendation For Reading Order

Steam/Spice Explanations

Steamin' up the room -the sexual content is more explicit in the language and tone, heavier amount of sexual scenes.

Jeffrey Kafer
… (mais)
addictofromance | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 20, 2024 |



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