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This is the first book I've read by Tessa Bailey and for my tastes I like it enough however I will start with the things I did not like.
1. The cover is very deceiving because this book in it's entirely did not give any Christmas vibes at all so if you are expecting a cozy Christmas read I will spoil this much for you that don't bother. Though to be fair I did not go into this with the expectation of this being a Christmas read as it was recommended to me and I already had an idea of what to expect, I just want to put it out there in case anyone is interested in reading it thinking its a Christmas Romance.
2. My toxic trait is I like corny/cheesy lines however the line "There is no Beat without a Melody" Tessa darling this just made me roll my eyes, it was just horrible, so sorry but I could have done without that.
Overall I like the book, it's a fast read, it was fun and had some cute moments and nothing to deep to stress me out. I will not dissect this book because for one I am not a writer, I'm not a critic, I am simply someone that likes to read books for fun and likes to recommend the ones I enjoy.

I definitely would recommend this to anyone who loves to read silly, cheesy, romance that doesn't need to have so much depth to it but has some pretty good spice to it. I laughed, rolled my eyes but most of all had fun reading this. ❤️
… (mais)
Enid007 | outras 7 resenhas | Feb 26, 2024 |
DNF - the build-up to these two characters getting together was going well but I'm just not a fan of Bailey's writing and it stuck out too much for me.
s_carr | outras 6 resenhas | Feb 25, 2024 |
A rom-com set in the Napa Valley. Natalie Vos has returned to her family vineyard after a failed financial gamble in New York City, and a broken engagement. August Cates is also in Napa, having promised his late friend (and fellow Navy SEAL) that he’d fulfill his dream of opening a vineyard. They hate each other but agree to a sham marriage so that she can get her trust fund (to return to NYC), and he can get a business loan to continue his efforts in Napa.

So, there’s a kernel of a cute idea here. But these two are so NOT interesting. Natalie is a whiny, spoiled brat who mistakes lust for love. August is clearly suffering some PTSD, and also prone to “thinking with his dick.” The fact that his actions make this obvious isn’t enough for Bailey, though. She has to tell us this at least twenty times.

Of course, they have hot sex and achieve multiple orgasms. But these scenarios are so ridiculously unbelievable that I found them tedious to read. With two exceptions … Loved these descriptions:
”August’s climax was like reaching land after parachuting at night into the ocean.”

And perhaps the best (or at least most entertaining) metaphor I’ve ever encountered:
”She rode on a rainbow unicorn over the Milky Way and waved at an astronaut.”

The book gets 1 star for those two descriptions.
… (mais)
BookConcierge | outras 6 resenhas | Feb 19, 2024 |
Wreck the Halls is my local book club's pick for this month. If it hadn't been, I probably would not have read it, as I remember glancing at the blurb on the back when the book came out and not being interested enough in the story to buy it.

The book is about the adult children of a famous rock duo that split up decades ago. A reality TV producer conscripts them into convincing their mothers to agree to a Christmas Eve reunion performance with the promise of a good chunk of money for each of them if they succeed. Enter the internal and external antagonists that exist for *subplot purposes* and you have an entirely predictable, lighthearted, yet too-spicy-for-Hallmark romance.

Personally, I felt like the book alternated between being amusing and being a little too easy to put down. Though the characters were decently developed (though not without their inconsistencies), I found myself rolling my eyes at them at times, and the plot left me feeling bored more than once. There were a few scenes that came across as utterly ridiculous or unrealistic, and that left me feeling like the story itself wasn't believable. If I hadn't wanted to finish reading it before my book club meeting tomorrow, I likely would have DNF'd the book.

Overall, it just ended up not being a good fit for me. As my first Tessa Bailey book, it didn't leave me wanting to try any of her others.

Typos / editing errors: multiple
Language: heavy (79 uses of the f-word / its variations; 230 uses of other obscenities)
Spice: explicit
… (mais)
erindarlyn | outras 7 resenhas | Jan 25, 2024 |



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