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This is my second Kathleen Ayers book (the first was Enticing the Earl) and like the first I love it!

Sheer unadulterated fun and smut. Lovely, long drawn out interaction with the MC and the dude. Good smut, great tension. This is what regency romance should be.

Thank you NetGalley and Dragonblade Publishing for the chance to read and review this book!
bookstagramofmine | Mar 1, 2024 |
Sinfully Wed by Kathleen Ayers is the first book in the Five Deadly Sins series.

The sins are the Sinclairs, the second family of the Earl of Emerson. He married his mistress, an actress who has never been accepted in society. When the Earl dies his heir, the awful Bentley, banishes the Sinclairs to a distant, crumbling property in the north of England. Jordan, the eldest Sinclair, tries to support the family by raising pigs. When Bentley dies he leaves a mountain of debts that have been bought up by the ruthless and unscrupulous Whitehall, who is using the debts to force Jordan to marry Odessa Whitehall.

There were too many steamy scenes in carriages, but I enjoyed this short and entertaining book.
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pamelad | Feb 24, 2024 |
Hello Fellow Readers,

I've been in the mood for a historical romance and I was really hoping this would scratch that itch, unfortunately, I just couldn't get passed my dislike over the 'Hero' in this novel The Duke of Granby. It's such a shame because I actually really liked Andromeda. She was ambitious, kind, yet very strong-willed. I just really liked her POV chapters, usually I love when a book has both the heroine and hero POV chapters as it really gives you each of their intentions and makes you get to know them better but in this case I really wish it was just Andromeda. The Duke doesn't really add anything unless you want to hear about his prejudices, how he hates everything, oh and how Andromeda gets his trouser snake going, but thank god he has a long coat that doesn't show it. Cue me rolling my eyes everytime.

My irritation everytime he mentions why Andromeda would be an ill-suited bride almost makes me close the book. We get it Mr. Duke. I know historical romances are usually spicy but there's a build up and chemistry. I did not feel that with these two. I know the Duke eventually evolves and his mind changes but by that point I was so over it that I just was disinterested.

Overall not the romance for me.
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latteslipsticklit | outras 3 resenhas | Nov 22, 2023 |
The Review
The third installment of the Beautiful Barrington's series was a good read, but not my favorite so far.

Haven is out for revenge, but it felt like a weak excuse for him to want revenge for. His father gambled away everything in the wake of his wife's death, but there is nothing that implicates Theodosia's brothers as doing anything other than owing the hell where he lost most of it. So it felt like a bit of a stretch. But, Haven falls for Theodosia right away so its a win-win for him! Unfortunately, she is obsessed with his friend the Earl of Blythe. Even after Haven and Theo kiss and the sparks fly, she is still convinced Blythe is the one for her. And she doesn't let Haven forget it, even after they are married, which makes her kind of sound petty and mean. They get married because they were caught in a compromising situation, but their attraction to each other is obvious!

The story definitely was more interesting as the plot went along; some good twists at the end to bring the story together better; some I didn't see coming!

Historical Romance, Victorian Era, Ton Society, Alpha Hero, Grumpy Hero, Protective Hero, Titled Hero, Artist Heroine, Heiress Heroine, Virgin Heroine, Enemies to Lovers, Angst Romance, Revenge Trope, Secrets & Lies
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Silcottfamily | 1 outra resenha | Mar 27, 2023 |


½ 3.7

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