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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical and paranormal romance as Jennifer Ashley; paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Allyson James; and mysteries as Ashley Gardner. Jennifer's novels have won RWA's RITA and RT Reviewer's Choice awards among others. mostrar mais (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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(eng) The author writes multiple series and stand alone books under the names Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James (paranormal and erotic romance), Laurien Gardner (shared pseudonym, Tudor era novels), and Ashley Gardner (mysteries)


Obras de Jennifer Ashley

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (2009) 1,038 cópias
Pride Mates (2010) 632 cópias
The Hanover Square Affair (2003) 575 cópias
Just One Sip (Anthology 3-in-1) (2006) — Contribuinte — 515 cópias
Hexed: Four Stories of Magic and Mayhem (4-in-1) (2011) — Contribuinte — 489 cópias
Hot for the Holidays (4-in-1) (2009) — Contribuinte — 438 cópias
Stormwalker (2010) 430 cópias
The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (2011) 399 cópias
Primal Bonds (2011) 386 cópias
The Calling (2007) 349 cópias
The Duke's Perfect Wife (2012) 336 cópias
Dragon Heat (2007) 285 cópias
Death Below Stairs (2018) 268 cópias
Penelope & Prince Charming (2006) 268 cópias
Wild Cat (2012) 265 cópias
Bodyguard (2011) 256 cópias
Firewalker (2010) 235 cópias
The Gathering (2007) 231 cópias
Pirate Next Door (2003) 230 cópias
Mate Claimed (2012) 229 cópias
Tiger Magic (2013) 221 cópias
The Mad, Bad Duke (2006) 211 cópias
The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (2013) — Autor — 198 cópias
The Redeeming (2008) 194 cópias
The Black Dragon (2007) 194 cópias
Hard Mated (2012) 191 cópias
Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (2012) — Autor — 180 cópias
Highlander Ever After (2008) 171 cópias
A Regimental Murder (2004) 166 cópias
Shadow Walker (2011) 162 cópias
Wild Wolf (2014) 160 cópias
The Care & Feeding of Pirates (2005) 157 cópias
The Untamed Mackenzie (2013) — Autor — 157 cópias
Rules for a Proper Governess (2014) 156 cópias
The Dragon Master (2008) 156 cópias
The Glass House (2004) 147 cópias
The Queen's Handmaiden (2007) 145 cópias
The Sudbury School Murders (2005) 144 cópias
Nightwalker (2012) 143 cópias
Rees (2005) 140 cópias
Scandal Above Stairs (2018) 139 cópias
Lone Wolf (2013) 135 cópias
The Reckoning (2009) 121 cópias
The Pirate Hunter (2004) 120 cópias
Mate Bond (2015) 119 cópias
Death in Kew Gardens (2019) 117 cópias
A Body in Berkeley Square (2005) 116 cópias
A Covent Garden Mystery (2006) 108 cópias
White Tiger (2016) 105 cópias
Feral Heat (2014) 100 cópias
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (2015) — Autor — 99 cópias
Mortal Temptations (2008) 94 cópias
Guardian's Mate (2016) 93 cópias
Adam (Riding Hard Book 1) (2015) 89 cópias
Shifter Made (2011) 89 cópias
Murder in the East End (2020) 81 cópias
Scandal and the Duchess (2013) 81 cópias
Perils of the Heart (2002) 78 cópias
Midnight Wolf (2018) 75 cópias
Perfect Mate (2014) 71 cópias
Bear Attraction (2015) 71 cópias
A Death in Norfolk (2011) 70 cópias
Red Wolf (2017) 70 cópias
A Soupçon of Poison (2015) 70 cópias
Death at the Crystal Palace (2021) 66 cópias
Bad Wolf (2015) 63 cópias
Mortal Seductions (2009) 63 cópias
Wild Things (2016) 60 cópias
A Mystery at Carlton House (2017) 60 cópias
Calligraphy Made Easy (2016) 59 cópias
Lion Eyes (2015) 58 cópias
Eland (2009) 57 cópias
A MacKenzie Clan Gathering (2015) — Autor — 57 cópias
Murder in Grosvenor Square (2014) 53 cópias
The Alexandria Affair (2016) 52 cópias
Double Trouble (2007) 51 cópias
Dreamwalker (2015) 50 cópias
The Thames River Murders (2015) 49 cópias
Blood of a Gladiator (2020) 48 cópias
Calder (2009) 47 cópias
Alec Mackenzie's Art of Seduction (2017) — Autor — 47 cópias
The Secret of Bow Lane (2022) 45 cópias
Rio (2009) 42 cópias
The Scandalous Mackenzies (2015) 42 cópias
Aiden and Ky (2007) 41 cópias
Tiger Striped (2018) 40 cópias
Murder in St. Giles (2018) 39 cópias
Dreams of the Oasis Volume 1 (Anthology 6-in-1) (2006) — Contribuinte — 37 cópias
Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction I (2007) — Contribuinte — 37 cópias
Braden (2011) 36 cópias
The Devilish Lord Will (2019) 35 cópias
Grant (2015) 34 cópias
Justin (2012) 34 cópias
A Mackenzie Clan Christmas (2019) 31 cópias
Carter (2015) 31 cópias
Iron Master (2020) 27 cópias
Maia and Rylan (2005) 27 cópias
Death at Brighton Pavilion (2019) 26 cópias
Double Hexed (2014) 26 cópias
Pirate Hunter's Lady (2007) 23 cópias
Speculations in Sin (2024) 23 cópias
Tyler (2017) 23 cópias
Dragon Bites (2018) 22 cópias
The Last Warrior (2021) 21 cópias
Blood Debts [novella] (2017) 21 cópias
A Shifter Christmas Carol (2018) 20 cópias
Ross (2018) 20 cópias
The Custom House Murders (2020) 19 cópias
'Tis the Season: Regency Yuletide Short Stories (2018) — Contribuinte — 18 cópias
A Mackenzie Yuletide (2019) 18 cópias
This Changes Everything (2020) 18 cópias
Kieran (2014) 15 cópias
Murder in the Eternal City (2022) 15 cópias
Tiger's Daughter (2022) 15 cópias
A Midsummer Night's Romance: Anthology (2021) — Contribuinte — 15 cópias
Wolf Hunt (2014) 15 cópias
Dukes by the Dozen (2019) — Contribuinte — 14 cópias
Kyle (2019) 14 cópias
The Longest Night (2016) 14 cópias
Snowbound in Starlight Bend (2017) 14 cópias
Wordsworth: Poetry (1990) 14 cópias
A Gladiator's Tale (2021) 13 cópias
Christmas Cowboy (2009) 13 cópias
Murder Most Historical (2015) 13 cópias
Forbidden Taste (2017) 12 cópias
Ellora's Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile IV (2008) — Contribuinte — 12 cópias
Catch a Falling Star (2008) 12 cópias
Howlin' (2007) 11 cópias
Ray (2019) 11 cópias
The Ring That Caesar Wore (2023) 9 cópias
Duke the Halls (2021) — Contribuinte — 8 cópias
Double Shot (2008) 8 cópias
Jennifer Ashley 6 cópias
Allyson James 6 cópias
Dukes for Dessert (2023) — Contribuinte — 4 cópias
A Kiss for Luck (2021) 4 cópias
Give Me One Night (2020) 4 cópias
Eland and Jeanne (2015) 4 cópias
A Very Highland Christmas — Autor — 4 cópias
Never Say Never (2020) 3 cópias
Cowboys Do It Better (5-in-1) (2016) — Contribuinte — 2 cópias
Bodyguard and Hard Mated 1 exemplar(es)
Identity {short story} (2003) 1 exemplar(es)
The Duke's Perfect Wife 1 exemplar(es)
Death Below Stairs 1 exemplar(es)
Stormwalker 1 exemplar(es)
Dragonmagic 1 exemplar(es)
A Little Night Magic 1 exemplar(es)
Tales of the Shareem, Volume 2 (2014) 1 exemplar(es)
Spiritwalker 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

A Test of Wills (1996)algumas edições1,639 cópias
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (2009) — Contribuinte — 417 cópias
Sword and Sorceress XIX (2002) — Contribuinte — 250 cópias
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 (2009) — Contribuinte — 193 cópias
Unbound (2013) — Contribuinte — 80 cópias
The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance (2010) — Contribuinte — 80 cópias
Ten Shades of Sexy Sampler (2012) — Contribuinte — 80 cópias
White Hot Holidays, Volume 1 (9-in-1) (2006) — Contribuinte — 40 cópias
Taming the Vampire Anthology (2016) — Contribuinte — 19 cópias
Paranormal Holiday Anthology Trio (12-in-1) (2010) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias
Inseminoid [1981 Film] (1981) — Actor — 3 cópias


Conhecimento Comum

Nome de batismo
Gardner, Jennifer Ashley
Outros nomes
Ashley, Jennifer
Gardner, Ashley (mysteries)
James, Allyson (paranormal ∙ erotic romance)
Gardner, Laurien (collective pseudonym ∙ Tudor era novels ∙ Wives of Henry VIII)
Data de nascimento
Locais de residência
Arizona, USA
Aviso de desambiguação
The author writes multiple series and stand alone books under the names Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James (paranormal and erotic romance), Laurien Gardner (shared pseudonym, Tudor era novels), and Ashley Gardner (mysteries)



The Duke’s Perfect Wife is the fourth book in Jennifer Ashley’s Mackenzies & McBrides series. This one features the eldest Mackenzie brother, Hart, the Duke of Kilmorgan. A decade ago, he was betrothed to Eleanor, but she ended it after his mistress came calling. Hart has never forgotten Eleanor and never found anyone who was more perfect for him than her. Lately Hart has been considering marriage again and had intentions of seeking out Eleanor to see if she would forgive him and allow him back into her life, but then she shows up on his doorstep with a proposition. Someone sent her nude photos of Hart that could be damaging to his political career if they were made public, so she wants him to hire her to investigate the source of the pictures. She still cares for him and doesn’t want to see him hurt, but living in the same house with him as she works on this problem reignites all her feelings for him. As they grow closer once more, neither of them can see a future without the other, so they again reach an agreement to marry. However, Hart is still consumed by his political ambitions and recently he cast a vote in Parliament that has angered Irish activists who appear to be out for blood, which could lead to Hart or Eleanor or someone close to them getting hurt or even killed. Not to mention, Hart is reluctant to reveal his darker passions to Eleanor for fear that she might see him differently.

Each of the MacKenzie brothers is a tortured genius in their own right, and Hart’s talent is an aptitude for political maneuvering. What makes him so good at it, though, is his ability to anticipate other’s needs and a strong desire to fulfill them, which has also made him a legendary lover. Eleanor was once his fiancee and the only woman he was ever truly able to be himself with. She knows far more of his secrets than anyone else in his life, including his brothers. Although that ended badly, they still remained friends of a sort. Hart married another woman and they had a son, but she died in childbirth and their son followed just days later. Hart’s long-time mistress who blew up his relationship with Eleanor also died two years earlier after betraying him in additional ways, so he’s remained celibate since even though he harbors what he thinks of as dark sexual inclinations. Years ago, he also killed his own bastard of a father to stop him from killing his beloved brother, Ian, so given all the tragedy in his life, he’s a rather tortured soul. When Eleanor shows up at his door with the nude photos, asking for a job finding the person who sent them to her, he readily agrees in order to keep her close. He hopes that by doing so, he can win her back since she’s the only woman he can see himself married to. Meanwhile, Hart is trying to maneuver Parliament into casting a vote of no confidence for the current Prime Minister, so that Hart can fulfill his own ambitions of leading the nation, which includes independent rule for Scotland. However, in order to drum up the votes he needed, he had to vote against a bill that would have granted independent rule for Ireland even though he supports it, which has pissed off violent Irish activists who come after him and those he loves, putting everyone in danger.

Hart is definitely an alpha male who likes to be in charge and can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Over the years, he’s sacrificed a lot for his brothers, so now that they’re all settled with wives and families of their own, it’s Hart’s turn at an HEA. The only woman he wants is Eleanor who knows almost everything about him. The only thing he won’t tell her at first is what kind of sexual games he liked to play with his mistress, believing it would somehow taint her. Hart loves having Eleanor near and takes advantage of every moment he can to let her know that he still wants her. In turn, she’s like a balm to his weary soul. His moments of vulnerability where he begs her to stay with him and tells her how much he needs her hit me right in the heart. Hart has grown a lot in the decade since he and Eleanor were first engaged, and he goes through even more growth throughout the story, ending by making some profound decisions about his future.

Eleanor fell head-over-heels for Hart in her youth and even succumbed to his seductions more than once during their engagement, matching his passion with a fire of her own. Then her heart was broken when his mistress visited her. Being a practical woman who knew that men often kept mistresses, she wasn’t so much jealous as she was concerned at the seeming casual cruelty with which Hart appeared to treat the other woman, worrying that someday he might turn on her, too. She ended the engagement, but never stopped caring about Hart. Through the years, she’s kept abreast of his achievements, while retiring into spinsterhood as her eccentric scientist father’s assistant. However, despite her father being an earl, they’ve fallen into genteel poverty. When Eleanor receives the nude photos of Hart, she comes up with the plan to ask him for a job investigating them, since she knows no one else can know about them and she also desperately needs the money. After he agrees, she and her father immediately move into his mansion where she ostensibly works for his secretary as a typist, while covertly searching for clues about the photos. Eleanor and Hart grow closer and closer until she can no longer resist his overtures anymore and finds all her old feelings for him resurfacing. But his political enemies could ruin their chance at happiness. Eleanor can be rather stubborn, too, never letting Hart fully get the upper hand. He never frightens her like he does other people even when he’s fuming and storming around. I deeply admired her for how she completely accepts Hart for who he is and has fully earned his trust in return. I like that she never judges him for posing for the photos, instead enjoying studying them and wanting to take some of her own. She matches him passion for passion and is never afraid of that side of him, believing that he would never harm her. All of her qualities simply fit with Hart’s perfectly.

The Mackenzies & McBrides is a pretty long-running series, so there are lots of supporting characters that we either get to revisit or who will get their own books later. Given that Hart has always been closest to his youngest brother, Ian, he and Beth (The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie) and their children are pretty front and center. I adore Ian so this made me very happy.:-) Mac and Isabella (Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage) are having their house redecorated so their rambunctious family is temporarily living with Hart, while Isabella acts as his hostess for society functions. Cameron and Ainsley (The Many Sins of Lord Cameron) aren’t seen as much, but they do show up at Kilmorgan when everyone goes there later in the story. Ainsley’s brother, Elliot (The Seduction Of Elliot McBride) is briefly seen at Kilmorgan, too. Cam’s grown son, Daniel (The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie) visits with the family and leaves university to help when there’s a need. Inspector Lloyd Fellows and Isabella’s sister, Louisa (The Untamed MacKenzie) share a moment, while Fellows heads up the investigation into who is trying to do Hart and his family harm. Hart’s political right-hand man, David Fleming (A Rogue Meets a Scandalous Lady) whips up votes for him in Parliament. Last but not least, through an old family portrait, we’re let in on a little of the history of how Hart’s ancestor, Malcolm (The Stolen Mackenzie Bride) apparently enjoyed a whirlwind romance of his own with the love of his life, Mary, nearly 150 years ago.

The Duke’s Perfect Wife was yet another winner for me in this series that has definitely become a favorite. Hart is a tortured soul who finds love and healing in the arms of the woman who got away, but who he’s never stopped loving. Eleanor is indeed his perfect match, a compassionate woman who gives generously of herself to Hart and understands him in ways no one else does. The two just fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, complementing each other superbly. I enjoyed seeing them reconnect after so many years apart. Their vulnerability with each other, especially Hart’s, was touching. I like the way in which they tease and seduce each other. There’s a beautiful level of trust and intimacy in their relationship, with them never really questioning the other’s loyalty. Hart is clearly a different man than he was when they first met, and Eleanor inspires him to become an even better one. Hart’s political life was nicely done, giving enough historical background on what was happening at the time to be interesting without being pedantic. The danger from the Irish separatists was woven in well, too, giving readers some suspenseful moments. The question of who was sending the photos added a touch of mystery and I have to admit that I was very pleased with how that turned out. If the book had any weakness, it might have been in the teasing of Hart’s kinky proclivities that barely surfaced. We finally get a touch of it at the very end in the form of a little light bondage with some subtext that more occurs behind the scenes later on. I realize, however, that this was meant to be a steamy mainstream romance and not an erotic one, so I wasn’t bothered by it enough to mark the rating down. Overall, this was a great read that has simply whetted my appetite for even more of the MacKenzie family.
… (mais)
mom2lnb | outras 23 resenhas | May 19, 2024 |
I have been putting off reading this book, and really I don't know why. I love anything Shifter related and this was no exception.
I was really hooked by the first line of the book " A girl walks into a bar... No. A human girl walks into a Shifter Bar..."
Kim is a lawyer that was given the case of a Shifter accused of killing a human girl he was dating. She goes into Shiftertown, which is what they call where all collared shifters live. She is determined that Brian, the shifter in question is innocent and is out to find as much information as she can to prove that. She meets with Liam, whom she has an instant attraction to. Liam and his brother Sean, take Kim to see Sandra; Brian's mother. Kim gets the feeling that Brian's mother is content to let Brian go down for this crime, whether or not he did commit it.
You can tell from the get go that Liam is in lust with Kim and while Kim feels it, she is afraid of what it really means for her, Shifters and humans do not mix without there being backlash on one or both ends. Human women who take up with shifters are labeled as Shifter-Whores. Kim is drawn into the shifter world and begins to fall in love with Liam and vice versa.
The story is an amazing one, and the reasoning behind the Shifters being collared is silly, but it works wonderfully in this book. The last few chapters had me mad as all get out, and then I was jumping for joy with the rest of the characters in the end. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and find out more about the Shifters.
The character development was well written and while I was anxious to know everything, most things were explained easily and clearly. I fell in love with Liam, Kim, Conner and Sean. Dylan wasn't my favorite character till late on in the book, but I grew to love him too.
… (mais)
chaoticmel | outras 30 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
I’m always excited when a new Kat Holloway mystery comes out and I get to spend more time in Victorian London with Kat, Daniel, and the whole cast of amazing side characters who I have come to love. I think this new book will especially appeal to fans since the mystery involves solving the murder of Kat’s former husband, Joe Bristow, who was legally married to another woman when they said their vows. Because of his crime, Kat and her daughter were left with nothing. But now, Joe’s wife Charlotte has approached Kat because she believes Joe had money hidden away when he died and she wants Kat to find it, promising her a cut of the profit if she does. Instead of investigating someone else’s world, Kat returns to her old neighborhood to investigate her past. We get to learn more about her and where she came from; because the mystery is personal the emotional impact is higher as she discovers more about her dead husband’s past. There is also more drama on the romance side with Daniel McAdams, making this a novel more focused on the main character than the typical mystery plot demands. If you’ve taken a break from the series, this would be a great book to get back in with.

*Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
… (mais)
caaleros | outras 7 resenhas | May 17, 2024 |
Kat Holliday’s friend’s husband has been arrested for murder and embezzlement. This is the family that looks after Kat’s daughter, Grace, as if she were their own. What will Kat do if Sam is found guilty. This story involves all her friends, Macadam, Lady Cynthia and her circle of friends (especially the brilliant Mr. Thanos) help solve the case. Lots of class distinction, how the poor working class are treated. Very exciting ending.
Kathy89 | outras 3 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |



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