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Chris Anderson (13) (1957–)

Autor(a) de TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

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Chris Anderson is the curator of TED. Trained as a journalist after graduating from Oxford, Anderson launched over 100 successful magazines and websites before turning to TED. He lives in New York City.

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This book is a guide for improving public speaking. It covers many different topics, such as props, practice, presence, and personal voice. Each section is filled with examples from TED talks that the reader can look up for examples.
enjw | 1 outra resenha | Jul 23, 2024 |
Anderson offers an inspiring, insightful and often entertaining look at how we can “leverage” our generosity to achieve impacts that go far beyond isolated acts of kindness. Confession: When Anderson promised at the start to provide “dozens of examples” of infectious generosity, his vow made me queasy (I’ve always been a “less is more” type of reader and writer). But to his credit, the collection of anecdotes contained enough variety and life-lessons to prevent reader fatigue. Two underlying themes examined how the Internet can turbocharge generosity, and how generosity can transform the Internet.
I was particularly interested in the author’s exploration of non-monetary forms of giving. We all know that generosity isn’t always about writing checks. Some of the most valuable acts of kindness involve giving our time, attention and energy to others. True, it’s not rocket science. Nevertheless, it’s an important reminder. The book even nudged me to end my procrastination and make a call to an acquaintance who had reached out to me weeks earlier to ask for professional advice. I also enjoyed learning about the origins of the TED movement which put the “ideas worth spreading” mantra on steroids. Finally, the book backs up the assertion that corporations can become more successful by focusing not just on return on investment, but also on return in kindness. He cites Chobani Yogurt as an example. In summary, this is an engaging and informative book that might inspire many readers to “do something for nothing.”
… (mais)
brianinbuffalo | Feb 17, 2024 |
Chris Anderson is a phenomenal writer and this book is FILLED with concrete information but communicated in a wonderful way that even the stuff you kind of know is interesting to read about - he also intersperses with plenty of anecdotes from varying ted talks (ones I've added to my list to check up online most of them), but also loads of stuff I didn't know at all or stuff I kind of had an inkling about, but not the tools to solve. This makes me think back to that Rhetorics class I took one semester in uni, I got a lot of theory done in it, and we did practice a few speeches - none of it really developing me as a speaker anything at all, definitely not compared to my own trial & error approach when I've been doing my own talks after my depression. In comparison this book I will be mining time and time again. I borrowed this one, but I'm going to have to buy it because even after I process the core info, there's just not enough to get it all in a single run - I'll be returning to this time & time again - and probably enjoy the journey just as much each time. Highly recommended.
… (mais)
dond_ashall | outras 15 resenhas | Feb 7, 2024 |
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Hardcover ISBN 1328995070 ISBN 13: 9781328995070
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AUHS_Library | 1 outra resenha | Sep 15, 2023 |


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