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Edward Abbey (1927–1989)

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Edward Abbey was born January 29, 1927 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and grew up in nearby Home. After military service in Naples, Italy, from 1945-47, he enrolled in Indiana University of Pennsylvania for a year before traveling to the West. He fell in love with the desert Southwest and eventually mostrar mais attended the University of New Mexico, where he obtained both graduate and post-graduate degrees. Abbey was a Fulbright Fellow from 1951-52. Abbey was an anarchist and a radical environmentalist; these positions are reflected in his writings. His novel Fire on the Mountain won the Western Heritage Award for Best Novel in 1963. Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness, considered by many to be his best work, is nonfiction that reflects Abbey's love for the American Southwest and draws on his experiences as a park ranger. Among his best-known works are The Brave Cowboy (1956), The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975), and The Fool's Progress (1988). In 1966 The Brave Cowboy was made into a movie titled Lonely Are the Brave, starring Kirk Douglas. Two collections of essays have been published since his death in 1989: Confessions of a Barbarian in 1994 and The Serpents of Paradise the following year. In 1987, Abbey was offered the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award, but he declined. Abbey died in March 1989, near Tucson, Arizona, from complications following surgery. He did not want a traditional burial but rather requested to be buried in the Arizona desert, where he could nourish the earth which had been the subject of so many of his works. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Edward Abbey

The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975) 2,944 cópias
Hayduke Lives! (1990) 577 cópias
Down the River (1982) 377 cópias
Fire on the Mountain (1962) 346 cópias
Black Sun (1971) 299 cópias
Abbey's Road (1979) 293 cópias
The Best of Edward Abbey (1984) 247 cópias
Good News: A Novel (Plume) (1980) 242 cópias
One Life at a Time, Please (1988) 230 cópias

Associated Works

The Land of Little Rain (1903) — Introdução, algumas edições594 cópias
South Sea Tales (1909) — Autor — 555 cópias
American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau (2008) — Contribuinte — 416 cópias
The Portable Sixties Reader (2002) — Contribuinte — 327 cópias
Wilderness U.S.A (1973) 167 cópias
Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty (1983) — Posfácio — 161 cópias
Great Rivers of the World (1984) 117 cópias
Ice: Stories of Survival from Polar Exploration (1999) — Contribuinte — 58 cópias
Appalachian odyssey : walking the trail from Georgia to Maine (1977) — Prefácio, algumas edições44 cópias
Constructing Nature: Readings from the American Experience (1996) — Contribuinte — 17 cópias
A Zion Canyon Reader (2014) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias
Unbridled: The Western Horse in Fiction and Nonfiction (2005) — Contribuinte — 6 cópias
Utah Historical Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 3 (Summer 1969) (1969) — Contribuinte — 2 cópias
Canyonlands Country: A Guidebook of the Four Corners Geological Society — Introdução, algumas edições2 cópias
TriQuarterly 48: Western Stories — Contribuinte — 2 cópias


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I read somewhere that this would have made a better comic book than a novel, and I think I would agree with that. The style is reminiscent of the worst overwriting of New Journalism, a la Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson. If you dig that, you'll love this. I found it a bit of a slog. The book's at its best when Abbey is describing the landscape of the Southwest. It's certainly still an important work in the context of environmental activism (ecoterrorism, we'd call it now), and Abbey has a great sense of humor.… (mais)
Byakhee | outras 53 resenhas | Feb 21, 2024 |
I'm going to pick this one up again closer to my vacation in Moab. I like it -- but I think I'll like it a lot more when I've been there.
hmonkeyreads | outras 87 resenhas | Jan 25, 2024 |
I loved his description of Utah and his reflections on people, in particular the phrase "loveliness not loneliness". What turned me off were his rants on a variety of topics, some of which bordered on cruelty.
ccayne | outras 87 resenhas | Nov 10, 2023 |
I read this because it was mentioned in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. It didn't rattle me the way Pilgrim did, and it's rife with Abbey's racism, sexism, and apathy toward people who use wheelchairs. But he sparked a new reverence for the desert in me, which made it a worthwhile read after all.
mmparker | outras 87 resenhas | Oct 24, 2023 |



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